Need feedback on my team

I have every 3* and 4 4*, Colen, Kelile, both 3-60, and Skittleskull, and Kashrek, still leveling up.

I’m looking for advice on a good raid defense team and AW defense, which needs to account for those revenge arrows.

This morning I experienced an AW defense that put easy kill hero’s beside a few strong in order to get that arrow damage generating faster. Made me realize I maybe need to rethink my defense team.

I am trying to learn how to raid successfully as well. I am realizing a rainbow team won’t work for very long on offense.

I’m using
Belith-Balthazar-Colen-Valen-Bane as my go to.

Advice please…
Trying to get Gold, at least. I can’t seem to get over 1000.

Kashrek in the middle flanked by Colen and Kelile when you level them up, Bane and Balthazar as wings (or switch Balthazar with Belith).

If you pull something better, let us know.


Thanks, that also answered a secondary question. I’ll be able to ascend one of my greens; it’ll be Kashrek over Skittleskull.

Working on getting to TC20 for some better hero’s.

Since you asking for a raid team, Kashrek is surely better as tank then Skittle.

But don’t get me wrong, i’m not a Kashrek fan and for myself i probably pick Skittle over Kashrek.

But i don’t care about raid or wars, and for a small bench like yours healers are always good.

And that’s the kind of thing I need to think about. I have almost all my 3’ s leveled up, but feel very limited on my options. I’ve even got a few dupes almost leveled.

Thanks for the feedback.