Need Attack help: BT or Wilbur?

Here is my current raid lineup (and defense). Will be putting Li Xui to farming.

Both kiril and Victor give 30% defense buff.

I’m currently lvling falcon to stack with marjana but after I finish him, do I lvl BT or Wilbur next?

Victor and Kiril would null Wilburs 63% defense buff.
Kiril would null BT 48% attack buff.

Other fire heroes I can lvl are Scarlett, kelile, Colen, gormek, sumitomo, zimkitha, mitsuko, or Elena but 5* will strain my resources as I am on stronghold 17, TC11, TC11 and TC5 now.

This will be for my red stack attack.

Currently lvling Triton (blue) stack with Kiril.
Proteus (purple) stack with Victor and Rigard.
Caedmon (green) enemy debuff, also have Mel 3/60 to add buff and healing options too.
Melia (yellow) not committed to Chao or Leonidas. BEGGING FOR WU!

Longterm I figure Zim will replace BT and Rigard.

Thanks for looking and your suggestions. Really want to be effective in raids while maximizing my buffs.

I think Wilbur and BT are the most valuable red 4*s.

BT is a fantastic tank through platinum. He and Kashrek are the dominant tanks 1800-2200. Hes incredible for titans too so basically hes just amazing all around.

Wilbur is a beast on Titans and offensive raids. Hes a must have for high level titans/surviving and he relegates the ramming pulverizers to color stacking duty.

If I were you I’d focus strictly on getting s good 4* bench going and worry about the 5s later. You cant ascend them anyways yet and a 4-70 4 > 3-70 5* almost always.

Therefore I recommend you level BT first as he is good in all 3 phases then Wilbur next.

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Thanks @CawLeary. Spoke with some alliance members and decided to go Wilbur first although your reasoning is valid.

FWIW, I’m steady mid platinum level even with Lixui as my tank so defense is not really a factor. This will be easier to maintain once I have my other color snipers ready to go.

Also don’t have Wu (how can I not get him on 450-500 pulls!???) and since I have Kiril, Wilbur is less redundant than BT.

Honestly it would be great if they were different colors so I could lvl at same time.

BT is nice, no doubt

You have atack buff ->Kiril so first Wilbur

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