Need an alliance for my 2nd

Hello all. I am currently working on building a 2nd account. It is still pretty new. I’m getting ready to hit Lv.9 soon as energy refills. I can post pics of my heros and stats if you’d like to see. My main account is in the alliance HORSEMEN CAMP with @Lagun well the magni account. I’d be happy to find even a small alliance so I can get in Titan hits with you. Once we hit 400 trophies we can all jump into our other alliance… I hope this makes sense to everyone else. Please let me know if there is an opening anywhere.


@Mikel you can play both your account in our ally for sure, but you can find @Rigs or Im pretty sure a lot of fun camp to join with.

For new alliance : Mikel is active both in line and game.

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Thanks @Lagun… But I’m gonna earn my way in and meet requirements. I joined with Zero Genesis. I’m gonna see how that goes.

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Good luck and have fun!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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