Need an advice. Maybe few lol

Im f2p and now in an alliance where we are fighting 14*s, using green tank for war and red and blue flanks. The heroes which I emblemed are all defense path. I want your suggestions and advices about few things.

  1. Thinking to strip most of them and to go with the attack path and to take them +18 emblems, not 20. Is this a good idea? I want to do it to can give the extra emblems to some other 5*s
  2. Not so sure how to continue lvling my additional troops. I love playing mono or 1-4/2-3
  3. Im trying still to configure my titan attack teams for each color. Also for raids defence. I will appreciate any help
  4. Still not sure if to max Elradir or Horghall when have the maths for it. I have emblems for Horghall
  5. Giving talents to Rumple, but when i have maths and can max Quintus, not sure who will worth them more.
    Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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Not an “expert” as such. But I can let you know what I did:
For emblems I only went to lvl.20 for my 5* raid defence team.
In the main I stopped at +9 for other 5* and +11 for 4*
For talent paths Support heroes went defence and hitters went attack.

For my troops I got one set of rainbow 4* to lvl.25. One set of rainbow 3* to lvl.9. And one set of 2* to lvl.6
I am currently repeating that process but will stop at lvl.11 for my other 20 4* troops until they are all done

Good luck


I was joking about the “expert”. My idea was who wants to help, to give his opinion or how you did it with telling me your way. Btw what kind of troops you prefer? Because lvl25 is the sweet spot for crit troops. for mana was 23. And the supporting troops to lvl 11, so they are mana/ninja?

nice roster…

there’s a lot here, but I will try…

  1. The attacking heroes should, in my mind, take attack path. Snipers especially, you want them to hit harder. Margaret too, because she dodges anyway, and I would prefer maximizing that nice attack of hers (I use her on Titans). Azlar as well.

  2. who exactly are you planning to strip? You mostly have them on the 5s. I prioritized my key 4s first, because I still use many of them in my mono raiding or 3/2 quests/maps…

  3. Titan team suggestions - always bring Wu, attack buff, defense debuff, elemental debuff if any, and your highest attack heroes in strong color. When fighting 14*s I recommend a healer as well.

a) vs. Blue Titans: Margaret (great attack), Wu of course, maybe Melendor out of costume for a nice heal and decent attack, and consider Isarnia for defense down. Then your Green with highest attacl

b) vs. Reds: Isarnia, Magni (I assume he’s your highest attack Blue), Wu, Kiril for attack buff, and whichever other Blue has highest attacl

c) vs. Greens: Boldtusk, Azlar, Elena, Wu for sure. and Gormek for defense debuff

d) vs. Yellows; Costume Rigard, Tiburtus for defense down, Wu (even if he’s weak color, IMO his special makes up for it) and whichever high attack Purples you have

e) vs. Purple: Wu, Joon, a high attack Yellow… personally I use Isarnia and Kiril if I can’t fit bear/titan banners into my items. Vivica can come in for Kiril if you can.

  1. Troops: I would stop the first set at level 23, then start working on another set. I think another set of mana troops in all colors to level 11, will help you with Rush Attack (hitting a mana breakpoint). you also do have a few costumes, so depending on how many costumed Average heroes you have, you want enough level 5 mana troops for them so they charge in 9 tiles instead of 10. (Rigard, Boldy, Li, Kash, Cyprian and Boril will thank you for that).
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Thank you. For Margaret only i take the dmg-health path, because you would lower the Dodge Chance with the shield-path. Im thinking to strip all of them, not to waste emblems on the last 2 talent nodes, because dont find them very important/or they are under some circumstances?/, but the price of them is big and also to can switch them from defence to attack path.
Dont have enough mana 4* troops and started lvling my main from each color and supporting 4* troops immediately when I summoned them. And now they are some crit, especially green ones. And some are already lvled. I think for the secondary troops to max them to 11 ,how you said, for mana and the crit ones to 8 or 10, depends how many feeders I have.
Maybe kiril and boril need some emblems too, but I stripped them for the 5s. My playstyle before was based on healing and counterattacking. Now with Margaret I become fan of dodging. She helps me a lot. :slight_smile: 48s are too squishy and thats why Im focused on 5s. Vivica is too slow and finding her almost useles, except when i fire her with mana potion.

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I learned the hard way and got them to lvl.25 before I realised that I could have stopped at lvl.23 and moved to another troop.
I have saved 5 x 4* troops in each colour.
4 x Mana and 1 x critical
Didn’t both with Ninja troops

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yeah, I agree the last 2 nodes often aren’t worth it… at least not if you have many other heroes waiting for emblems :slight_smile: the only 5*s I have at +19, are those where I have no competition for emblems… and even then, I only activate node 19 if it’s mana (for rush attack).

nice call re Margaret, going attack-health

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