Need alliance

I noticed many of the alliances have minimum requirements. I play several times a day and want to win , see pic. If anyone has room, please let me know. I like my current team, it’s just time to move to something more competitive.


Justaname titan 4 and 5 stars and alliance war.

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Check out the insurrectionists family, multiple alliances at different levels, casual, should fit your gamestyle. Start with us in insurrectionists reborn and then move up when ready

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Water Dreamer alliance would be happy to see you.
3 simple rules.

  1. Play regularly (ideally daily).
  2. Attack all Titans.
  3. War optional, but if you’re in you are expected to use all 6 flags.
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Check out Iamlegend.
We recently cleaned out inactive players and are currently looking for new recruits


Thank you for the replies friends! I should probably change my name. People may not want “grandma” on their team lol

Come checkout maine war dogs.we are looking for a few active players. Lol and they do not mine grannys! We have a great group


Lol :rofl: thank you granny! 60 is the new 12 you know. Lol

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Death’s Door is looking for new members right now. It sounds like exactly the kind of Alliance you are looking for.

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Thank you, I would love to give it a try.

Check out Guardians Rising Academy. We keep most of our trainees until they’re ready in strength to move to one of our stronger alliances. We have eight alliances in the family and something for every style of play. Feel free to pop into Rising and see which alliance in the Guardians Family that you are ready for. Feel free to contact me, in game or by message, if you have any questions. Line or Discord id is ckara7.