Need all colour ascending advice)

Hello, dears, whom do you think I should ascend first? My only 5* blue is Thorn and I have Vela, Alice, KA, Magni and Mikki at 3:70. I also have Richard and Isarnia at 1:01. Now i have 12 telescopes and only 6 coats, so should choose wisely. Thinking about KA (to replace Thorn in war def as we stick to blue center) and Alice.

My next question is about reds. I’ve got Red Hood and Marjana at max, Puss, Mitsuko, JF and Grazul. Who will be my next? JF or Grazul?

Should I replace Red Hood in my def team with ofencive hero? Marjana or JF? or even Mitsuko?

I’m going to need a healer if I replace RH, i’ve got Mother and Lady but only 5 tonics, so, whom should i ascend first, MN or LoTL?

Simple yellow question: Neith or Leanidas? Neith, I gues.

Thank you)

Unless you are fighting 11*+ titans, I would suggest King Arthur (for elemental defence down) and Alice (rogue class & fantastic sniper & awesome attack debuff)

If you’re fighting 11*+ titans, I would go Miki > Arthur > Alice and ascend them in that order.

I would lean towards JF seeing as you already have Red Hood as a “healer”. Burny Burny & variety are my faves!

Dunno what your defence team is or your full roster so hard to say.
JF is definitely proving to be a popular flank on defence teams. Some of those in the leaderboard are rocking him at tank so there is that.

Don’t NEED a healer in defence… Many teams don’t bother & instead opt for more out-and-out attack power… “Offence is the best defence” and all that.

MoNo is typically the more “defensive” of the two. She also seems to be more popular with the revive potential & very sturdy stats… Generally means that in offence she survives to fire once or twice. In defence she’s a very popular Left Wing.

Not so simple. Depends on who else you have… Neith is probably more versatile as she can do more jobs… Can blind, mana control, damage & elemental link.
On the other hand, Leo is a sniper & mana controller and that’s always a good combo.

Here is my Roster.

Only got the first image sorry.

Thank you,

we do not hunting 11+ Titans, so the King it is)
Almost forgot about Inari, a lot of people loves her very much, but I don’t like to rely on chances.

For your defence team I would suggest:

Kingston -> Drake Fong -> Kunchen -> Marjana -> Morgan Le Fey


Kingston -> Kageburado -> Costume Vivica -> Sartana/Marjana -> Morgan Le Fey

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Hi there! Can I have more advices please?:slight_smile:

Here’s my current roster

I’ve got materials for red and yellow, whom to ascend? Should I wait to see how is Malosi?
Which red will work better for titans? Which red can replace Marjana in my war and regular defense teams?

My current war def is Mother North - Marjana - King Arthur - Freya - Drake Fong. We play with blue center, I put Freya instead of Kage for test and still not sure about it. I’m going to put Telluria as soon as I’ll have two more tonics, so let’s count her too. What do you think about my current war def and how will it look soon with Telluria?

Thank you all and have fun:)

Did i ask something stupid or what?))

Personally… Delilah and Mitsuko.

Fighter class on healers is awesome, and Delilah’s minions go well with Freya and Telluria.

Mitsuko gives you a great anti-Vela, good on attack and defence.
Puss is also in with a shout… If you want to build up that minions team, he’s a key component.

I’d hit up Locke for your next nature 5* after Telluria - huge, huge DoT and with cleanse which is very rare in an attacking hero.
A genuine gamechanger and often overlooked, god alone knows why.


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