Need advise for red heroes

This forum really helps you see the other side…and its a great thing to see things from other players wiew…

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I have learned so much. I also learned before I joined that feeding Wu to Li Xiu was not a good idea. I have since pulled another Wu and he is getting maxed currently.

I know… my husband’s roster is full of purple healers, he’s always complaining about it. One day I realized I was at 3400 power and just stopped worrying about it.

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Hehh…i have seen Wu only agains me🤨 learned a lot here reading also…so much respect to all you players.

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That was me for the longest time. Realizing the poor choice of feeding him because his special sounded crappy. He can be a headache but can also pay off big.

I’ve been messing around with him on my farming team. It has been fun, just trying to get used to him before I max him and throw him in against titans and such.

Yeah I am currently maxing Rigard and the Tiburtius. Then probably taking Merlin to 60. Poor Sabina keeps waiting her turn. She would be next unless I get Sartana before the above.

I have blue kiril, maxed. Green horghall at 70, red marjana at 70, yellow hu Tao at 60. I just switched a fully leveled blue Grimm for an almost leveled blue Sonya. Im also weak on yellows but its those danged purple that keep getting away. I could make a full team of purple oberon :zipper_mouth_face: I’m one of those patient (or stubborn) players that doesnt spend any money on the game.

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Will they ban me if I say I hate you LOL

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I must have feed at least 10 oberons to balthazar by now…:joy::joy:

I am pretty solid on most colors. Yellow I have Joon at 3/70 and Wu almost at 3/60. Then I have Hu and Li to use in AW strictly.

Blue I have Grimm maxed, Kiril at 3/21, Boril at 3/8. But decided I want to take my newly acquired Isarnia up and leave Sonya and Richard behind.

I have so much to level I need feeders for years.

I also just started TC20 so hopefully something nice pops out,

I am patient but do spend some. I have gotten a few lucky pulls.

No they won’t. My roster is good but I am quite envious of a lot of teams I see. HOTM have evaded me everything month except Natalya.

Im going with Gormek😀 thx all for additional advice aka opinions😊


Richard is a good tank and a good overall player. I know Isarnia has the defense debuff but if you have Grimm then youd have a defense and offensive debuff with Richard

Do not ascend Gravedigger before gormek. Gormek’s special is a staple…meat and potatoes. Gravedigger is a “nice to have”. a luxury. Dessert.

I second @Dante2377’s wisdom—ramming pulverized is a core special attack. Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek are three heroes to have, and always use one (assuming you don’t have Athena). Grimm is huge offense, low defense; Gormek the reverse; Tibby a balance. But it’s their special that makes them—well—special. Dropping defense makes every other hero much more effective.

I never understood the gormek hate…yeah he doesn’t hit all that hard…but he can take a titan hit and still possibly get off his special

well compared to Tibertus and Grimm, he’s not as good due to lower attack and defense stat, but he’s still got a great special. If you had to choose between those 3, you level him last, as Grimm and Tibs are more effective in raids, but also for outside reasons - red has no bad 4 stars (yes even Kelile is a fast single target hitter with burn and isn’t bad), whereas in purple Tibs is the only attacking 4 star, and grimm has a huge attack stat for a 4 star.

Dude. Dante is a top 100 player in the game. Listen to him…