Need advise for red heroes

At the moment i have Kelile & Gormek at 3/60…Scarlet is on 2/13…Due to tons of ascending material i can ascend only one😂 but i can’t decide who…so any opinion is very wellcome.
The other heroes are LiXiu 4/70, Grimm 3/60 ( will have capes till end of the year i hope​:joy::joy:) and Kashhrek 3/60(dont like him too much so it stays at that lvl)

Tnx in addvance

I consider Kashhrek one of the best 4* tank so you might want to re-consider keeping him at 3/60.
If you have Kahhrek and Li Xiou that can act as tanks I would ascend Kelile.

Scarlett, good attack + debuff.

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Forgot…also there is Skittleskul…3/1🙄

I’d say Kashrek needs to be leveled. Put him in the center flanked by Grimm and Li.

For Red I’d say Scarlet.

Do you have a purple?

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Nope highest purple si Balthazar ful lvl…waiting for purple over a month😀

I remember Balthazar. I fed him before AW. Wish I didn’t.

Purple will come. Rigard would be a nice healer for your team with his cleanse.

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Gormek. Titan damage is a primary area to consider for team improvement and even if you have grimm or tibs, being able to strong color your defense debuffer on as many titans as possible is really useful.

EDIT: and since you don’t have any 70 ramming pulveizer, go with gormek.


Gormek > Scarlet > Kelile.


Yea…im lvl up the second one for AW😀 until i get a 4* purple

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Nice to see your point of view…but then i have no fast mana hero in the team🙄 just what im thinking…

Having one weak fast mana hitter (scarlet is a weak hitter, she’s only strong in combination with another multi-target hitter that lowers defense like Gormek or falcon) isn’t going to make raids that much different, but having a 70 defense debuffer will go a long way towards better titan damage.

IMO, things people should focus on when they are choosing their first and second set of 70s are: 1. titan damage, 2. completion of all rare quest stages, 3. event completion of epic and legendary (formerly intermediate and advanced).

Those things get you either guaranteed ascension items (event and quest) OR help move your alliance towards higher loot titans (and loot tiers). Things like raiding and AW should be secondary - it won’t kill you if it takes a bit longer to get raid chests filled and scarlett over gormek isn’t making your raid team any different.

EDIT - many of the top players are still using Gormek vs 10 star and up titans.


When will purple come? I’ve been playing my team with two blues because I haven’t been able to catch a purple healer for FIVE months. Crazy, I just can’t get purple. My team is now over 3400 power so I’ve given up on purple and am just grateful I’ve done so we’ll up to now :laughing:

wow 5 months and no purple. What do you have there?

Maybe I have been lucky or maybe I am too stubborn and spent to much in 4 months. I have more than I can level at 1 time.

This was nice to read!will show to our alliance.thx for this.i am more of a low player…my team is 3040(with gormek)so you see where i stand…and our alliance is still fighting lvl 5 titans.progress is…but slowly…that’s why i started the topic to get opinions…to get the best out of what i have😀

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It depends if you are going to try and get Gravedigger or not. He comes out this weekend. I’d save th materials for him but if you’re not then I’d go with Gormmeck. Kash it’s a great 4* green so definitely ascend him

That is the great thing about the forum. So many different opinions, so many people willing to share theirs as well. Sometimes it actually makes you realize something you didn’t even think about.

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You also want a purple healer??..ok you need to get it first…because of the 5 months😀

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I may have a purple healer but Gormek has been 1 hero that has evaded me for some time. I spend moderately as well. He is a beastly tank when maxed. Such a pain on raids. Once you get a full healer (meaning heal all) you will see the difference.

I know…gravedigger comes…but im not like “i must” get him…sooo you are saying to ascend both? With the material that aint gonna happen so soon😂