Need Advice- Worth moving to alliance with stronger titans?

Advice needed.
I am an active player that has a main team of 3200 with a medium sized roster. (2nd team 2800, 3rd 2400, 4th 1800). I play every day in a small not very active alliance.

Right now the thing holding me back is level 3 ascension items. In my current alliance I get A+ on the level 2 and 3 titans that we kill. It seems for the level 3 titans this yields a level 3 ascension item 3/5 times. Which is helping me level my current team plus expand my roster.

The question is:
Is it worth leaving my current alliance where I am a big fish in a small pond or do I find a larger alliance which kills bigger titans.

My fear is that as I don’t know what drops off larger titans specifically regarding ascension items and I may get to a point where I can’t ascend anything. (which I have had before and it sucks)
I currently hover around 1400 cups but as my current focus is trying to maximise food to level hero’s I don’t focus on this. I have been up to 1700. And think I could push 1800 now if I wanted to.

Your advice appreciated.

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Hi Danneris:

The chance to get ascension items will increase with higher level titans. If you dig into the forums, you will find more information. I believe you start getting 4* items at level 5, and it increases from there. As a member of an alliance that works mainly with 7-8* titans, I do get ascension items on a semi-regular basis. I have an interesting perspective on this, as I have two characters in the alliance, one on iOS and one on Andriod. While I get the occasional A+ with one character, the other is more commonly a B. I would say that the drop rate on ascension items is only slightly better for the character that gets the Bs. Enough better to make it worth striving, but not bad enough to stay a big fish if you don’t need to.

Consequently, Danneris, if you’d be interested in joining us at Little Deviants, we would welcome you.

Hope this helps, and I’m happy to try and answer more questions if you’d like.

in my own experience … when you get to the top … and feel stuck … is time to ride the winds of change … is the only way to grow here … you have to challenge yourself . … my humble opinion.

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You’ve already answered the question:

  • You’re active, your alliance isn’t
  • You need Ascension Items

Yes, you can get ascension items in Grade B; here was mine this morning:

You may not want to join an alliance doing 10* titans yet, but you certainly should be able to do 7-8* if not 9*, working your way to 10* and above.

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I am fortunate to be in alliance where we are all getting better and moving up. If everyone is not on the same page if doing so, I would say move on.

Not to do a shameless plug but my alliance - Northern Vikings - would welcome you :grinning: You would be in the middle of our members’ strengths.

In for a shameless plug - Trem Tran alliance.

We have had 4 new players in your shoes join us in the past two months and all were super happy with the move. 8 and 9* titans here so basically you get the 3 ascension rolls every time which is a huge help!

Theoretically, the higher level Titan is, the higher odds of getting something useful. There is a debatable this regarding A+ whether it give more chances of getting something useful or not. Some people say that “Yes, A+ has ore chances to get something”, other argue that overall chance at level B is higher.

Anyway, with a team strength of 3200 and potential to grow it is worth moving to an Alliance that deals with 6* - 7* titans.

AFAIK the grade doesn’t influence anything, it’s only the loot tier that matters. So an A+ on an 8* and a C on an 11* should give you the same odds on loot.

  1. An active alliance is way better than a not-very-active one.
  2. A full alliance is way better than a small one.

AFAIK, Titan loot tiers are what matter for getting ascension items, and the higher the tier the better. There is a huge jump at Tier IX, where you go from two ascension items slots to three, meaning your odds of a non-farmable went up by at least 50%. from Tier VII and below.

Tier = Titan *s + Grade Bonus
Tier IX = 6* / A+ or 7* / A or 8* / B or 9* / C

Assuming your alliance has players of varying strengths, I figure that the optimal / sweet spot for your rewards in titan loot would be getting A/B grades killing titans.

If you are always getting A+, you are carrying your alliance.

If you are always getting C grades, you are being carried. Now that I think of it, is actually a pretty sweet deal for you, even if you are holding the alliance back. Especially if you are growing into it.

That said, there are other reasons to be in an alliance; if you and your alliance mates become friends, and enjoy the company, it makes the game a lot more fun.

Anyhow, my alliance is growing nicely, we are just now letting our first 9* titan go, which is a cool milestone–to even see a 9* titan and have it eat our lunch!. We have been killing 7*s pretty easily and 8*s more often than not now. Right now we’re full, or I’d put in a shameless plug for Paisley Power, as your team sounds like a great fit for us. (We do seem to end up with an opening or two now and again; you might check back later)

You would do much better in an alliance like ours than where you are.

Yes you should move to a bigger alliance. The one you are in isnt growing and you should be hitting 7/8* maybe 9* titans. Should you need one. Wolves of Winterfell is currently in 8/9* titans.

As to your cup level, unless you can break 1800, you might as well stay where you can complete the raid mission quickly.

Best of Luck in your search.

if you’re getting ascension items 60% of titans (3/5), you’re running better than expected on low level titans. That’s not sustainable.

Ascension materials aside, for your own enjoyment, you should find a new alliance of active players, unless chatting and talking about the game or RL stuff isn’t your cup of tea. It is almost always the case that playing with players who care as much about a game as you do will increase your enjoyment as opposed to playing with people who just aren’t as into it as you.

I am in very similar situation as you are. Except we are killing 3* Titans normally, can take out some 4* if more people attack, and never killed a 5*. I do not have the strongest roster in my alliance, but I am frequently the top 3 attackers on damage dealt because of my activities.

Our leader is currently absent dealing with RL problems of his own, AFAIK and has not been active for going on 2 months. But our core group of players are still doing their Titan damages, we aren’t very chatty, but most of the alliance members knows what to do when a Titan shows up. But here in lies the problem, for not being chatty and no outside chatting program setup by our leader before he went absent, it is sometimes hard to coordinate things. Most of the time, most of our active players have just spent all of the energy to dust off a Titan, and another one shows up 1 hour later (this is the case with stronger 4* Titans), and then we do not have enough energy to go after the one show up (same thing as if that 4* got away). Wars need coordination, and being on different time zones and alliance members with different age / backgrounds also makes it a challenge as we end up losing most of our wars. It didn’t help 2-3 of our active/stronger players left the alliance a month ago.

Our alliance turn over rate isn’t high and most stay somewhat active. The more active you are, the stronger you get is my philosophy, even if you are a F2P player like myself as chances are, you are improving your roster every day by ways of feeder heroes. I still remember that my first Titan ever fought was a 1*, simply because of how new the alliance was. But my alliance’s overall score have already grown since I first joined, I take that as a sign of improvement. A big improvement it is not, but an improvement nevertheless.

Whether your decision is to stay the big fish in a small pond or a small/mid fish in a larger pond, best of luck to you.

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Thanks you all for your advice. I will move on. Where to is the next question.

It is up to you. You can just go to Alliances search tab and do the search with empty condition. It will bring you some random alliances. Choose whatever looks good for you and what is available. I paid attention to a number of members in Alliance to be not less than 27, current score (more than 75000) and availability of an Alliance leader (he/she has to be active less than a day ago).

Or you can go to recruitment section of this forum and choose from the available offers.

I almost got the same thing this morning but I was second highest and the titan was only a 6*

I was gonna say I got an orb this morning, but can’t find the pic!

“If there ain’t no pix, it don’t exist!” :grin:

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I think it’s hit or miss with the ascension items. More often than not I get them when Im not the top player oddly enough

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