Need Advice with my 5* Red and Blue Heroes

Recently I got lucky and got some interesting heroes and since getting the mats to level them up is really difficult, I don’t want to make a mistake on who to level up first. Got the mats to level one red and one blue hero. My Red options are Lady Loki, JF and Asterius (New Red Villains 5* Hero and not really know what to make of him) and my blue options are Alice, Vela and Glenda.

Blue 5* Roster:
C Magni +13
Richard +8
Skadi 4/80
King Arthur 4/80

Red 5* Roster:
Gravemaker +12
Elena +6
Gefjon +9
Anzogh +3

Not really sure which way to go. Really need some advice.

Great team. All good ascention possibilities.

For Blue I’d rule out Vela, went from a great hero to a good one with the nerf. Glenda is most interesting because with those other hard hitting blues you could level an entire team if they all charge. Alice is an awesome sniper with wonderful defense down…but you have a harder hitter in C Magni with defense down, and a sturdier defense down in Richard. Glenda seems to fit best.

Red is more interesting. Lady Loki is fun and I never back away from a fun hero that’s actually amazing on offense. I have seen a few videos on Asterius and he hits hard and the ascending corrosive defense down is a solid feature. JF has saved my team a lot with turning defense down into a big defense up. Plus his burn feature is great for Rispote enemies. If I were you, if I have another villain 5* to pair with Asterius, I’d do him for the family bonus. If not, Lady would get my rings.

Don’t discount what emblems you have in excess as well…whatever ones you ascend can use some beefing up.


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Was leaning towards Lady Loki and Glenda. I believe they create the best synergy for my Red and Blue mono attack teams. Really grateful for your insight.


My pleasure! 90% of the time I’d say Alice but you are loaded with D down snipers.


Just a small note: Alice and Richard are attack down not def down.

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My bad pal!!

20 whoops.

No Worries Friend!

20 Lols.

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Alice for Ice
Lady Loki & Asterius for Fire.
I would ignore JF for now.

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