Need advice with my 5* Purple Roster

Got lucky with my summons lately and got some great purple heroes and it is making it hard to decide who to level up first. Was working Sartana but recently got Hel, Alfrike and Ursena. I only got the mats to fully level one of them, who would you pick to level first?

Purple Roster:
Kageburado +3
Bera +9
Clarissa +6

C. Rigard +20
Proteus +17
Tiburtus + 7
Merlin Maxed

Depending on what your typical wars look like…pro will do hel’s job for now. Afrike would make a great tank for VF wars… she gets my vote. But finish whatever tier you’re on with sartana (that’s my ocd talking)

I would probably go Hel, but depends for what purpose you need the new hero. Ursena may also be an option, although I am not enjoying her so much in attack anymore as I did when I pulled her 15 months ago. For defense team, in most set ups probably Ursena is the better hero compared with Hel. she can tank and also be a good flank (i.e. to Guin). Sartana is a solid sniper with good stat distribution, of course even better with costume. Good if you may give Hel some emblems. I know Alfrike has some fans, for me she appears too slow (I do not have her). In defense no issue usually, dead before she can fire, except of course in rush. For offense, she would also be too slow for me, match already decided when she is charged or you probably already won if you brought Hel… so yeah, I would go Hel (or Ursena if you need new purple for defense).

Alfrike deffo with max as you can Talents

Focusing on titans and AW. Not many leveled up Sorcerer Heroes, Only Almur +19. So I got a ton of emblems for Ursena. But still not quite sure what to do. I believe Hel will help me more considering my level. Been Playing for 10 months.

tough call. I bring ursena in my team against yellow titans, not hel. hel may help with titan as well as she can delay titan special. i like her more for raids and AW as she fits better in my teams and play style here and is imo more versatile with regard to opponents team that you are attacking. ursena is exceptionally great against yellow sniper wings for example. Hel is a proteus 2.0 basically, so not really bad stories to tell.
hel stats are a little outdated, that is why it is good to have some emblems on her. both a very good heroes and you will perhaps max both of them at one point (i know tabards are hard to get). perhaps bring both to 3.70 and play with them to see who fits you better.

ALFRIKE!!! She is the #1 Rush Attack hero. My opinion. She will help you with beating events, map stages, and the ninjas, (damn you Cobalt)


Really appreciate the input. Still not quite sure who to level up first. Thinking on taking Hel to 3/70 but maxing Ursena. Need help with yellow titans.

This one :thumbsup:

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If u want something that is aggressive defensive go for ursena if u want something that is good on offense and not bad on defense go for hel.personally I think hel is not only one of the best darks but possibly one of the best heroes overall so I would say hel for sure

the best ursena i have ever seen :ok_hand:

Hel, Ursena, then Alfrike
All of them are great no wrong choice either way, goodluck :sunglasses:


Ursena, Hel, Alfrike.

Ursena is a hero killer once she fires and you dump tiles into their Joon or whatever. She’s stout, too.

Hel is great but rare and Proteus gets the job done.

Alfrike is also great but a little niche yet given your roster.

You can’t go wrong with these three, though.

What path did you follow with the emblems?

And thanks to everyone for your comments. Really appreciate your input.

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99% Defense, all but one as i chose Critical

If u have lots of offensive heroes and ur looking forward to having better defenders go ursena if the opposite go hel but overall I would say hel because she is absolutely phenomenal on offense and actually pretty okayish on defense so hel would be the better option

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