Need advice on which 5* blue to max

Just got my 6th scope so i need to choose between Alice, Raff, Richard or Magni.

My blue team is shown as well. I do not currently have a 5* healer of any color. I would only be replacing a 4* on my blue team and have nearly 500 monk emblems so i was leaning towards raff. I’m not currently doing wars so the choice is not a powerleveling candidate but will be a few weeks of casual playing to max ascension.

Ask any questions if you need more info to formulate a good insightful reply.


I’m maxing Raff right now and honestly he’s better than I expected him to be. I have had some pretty good success with him even against Telluria tanks (war team with him is 3-2 usually, blue + red) since his cleanse and clutch heal is very useful against her and her most common flanks. He does need to supported by another healer and/or cleanser though (I use Kiril and cSonya).

All the above said, I would still vote Alice. She’s all kinds of annoying, her snipe is real strong and her attack debuff essentially shuts down a target that receives HoT (which is also popular in this meta). So yeah, all my votes go to her.


Since you have no 5* healer Raff will be great for you. He got a bad reception but I find him hugely useful.

If not for that I would say Alice is the clear winner here, especially if she’d be getting emblems.

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I think you’ll benefit more if you ascend Alice since you only have 2 maxed ice legemdaroes in Vela and Fenrir. 5 star slow healers are cool, but healers are way easy and cheap to max of it is just a 4* hero than their their 5* counterpart. The likes or Kiril, Boldtusk and Rigards can serve their functions as healers. There are other 5* healers in Delilah and Ariel since they are of average mana which may have more chance doing their role as healer .


@Necromancer2k8 I had a similar problem with my blue stack. Because I was lacking in 5* healers, I leveled Raffaele. I just finished him over the weekend. I haven’t regretted the decision at all. :wink:

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Alice - sniper rogues are awesome, especially when they hit like alice and not like marj…


Raffa will make your Very Fast tournaments a lot easier. Alice will be a massive hitter around the same “class” of Fenrir. If you don’t own any 5* healer or a hugely emblemed costume Rigard… Maybe Raffa will be my awnser. I’d not emblem him though.

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I’d say Raffy or Alice. Both will help you greatly, just depends on hitter or healer that interests you most.

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In my honest opinion, and I have this hero, in your shoes I would focus on Raffaele first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I think I’d go with Raff due to not having a 5* healer.

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Actually there is no big diffrence between Marj and Alice dmg dealed

With their basics stats
Marj will hit enemy with 1100 def by around 400
Alice by around 420

But Alice have much better debuff

About question
I would go for Raff, 5* healer is good to have in roster (also I have maxed Raff and his heal is huge, he can also change lose into win in war/raid)

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@Necromancer2k8 you lack a sniper

for titan i would go magni

bust most benefficial would be alice, to target the enemy s sniper

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Hi @Boolz_San, may I ask where you got the graphics (those are cool)?

line(goat) and discord groups; bots made by players

Great, thank you very much :grin:

How will you compare vivica to raff?

Thanks to all for the replies so far. I will go between Raff and Alice for a final decision but probably not until after Valhalla pulls. Got 8 freebie pulls so who knows what will happen.

My current healers are below and i also have musashi who I’ve been hesitant to put emblems on in case I go the Alice route. No need to waste millions of ham and iron just to reset it a month later.

If the healer info changes anything please add any additional comments.

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Raffa surpassed my Kiril+6 when he was about 4.50 in raids. His initial heal can be a lifesaver, and the HoT is fantastic.

I usually raid with him and Alberich, and even tho he squashes A’s HoT, the combo still does better then when I ran with Kiril. (R’s now at +3)

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