Need advice on using up my surplus Iron

I generally have a large surplus of Iron most days. I don’t have VIP, so I build one thing at a time.

Excluding the Iron cost, the things that I can have the most materials for right now are:
Arrow Attack - have 1145, can make 3400+ more.
Turtle Banner - have 426, can make 3800+ more
Tornado - have 99, can make 800+ more

There are also Harpoons, which take no resources, and I have 135

Tornados & Harpoons are the obvious choices here, right? I don’t really need more Arrow Attacks, and I don’t use Turtle Banners very often.

Battle items :stuck_out_tongue:

More tornadoes, more axes, more bombs and more dragon attacks!

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Can only make:

59 total of Time Stops or Dragon Attacks
331 total of Axe Attacks, Bomb Attacks, or Dragon Banner

Those won’t solve my surplus problem very well. And other than Time Stops, I have 250+ of each of those. Guess I should crank out Tornados to get them up to having more than I can reasonably use in a few months.


They’re a good way of chewing up excess iron.

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Wanted to thank you for this tip, as I’m beginning to emblem my heroes up more, and it’s been helping keep my surplus in line.