Need Advice on Upgrading Grimm

I pulled Grimm last week and have been leveling him up.
He is currently 2/14 with a special skill level of 2 (only increased when I ascended him)

I just pulled another Grimm yesterday after a finishing an elemental chest.
Should I punt on the first Grimm and start leveling the 2nd?
Do I feed the 1st Grimm to the 2nd?

P.S. typically I level heroes with 10 feeders of the same color - usually 20-26% Special Level Up chance.

I wouldn’t feed a grim for sure.


You should keep them both! Don’t eat either of them. The higher levels require a lot of “feedings”, and he will reach 8/8 before you get him to 4/70. I know it’s bothersome when a hero’s special doesn’t level, but if you have mats to take him to the final tier, you’re guaranteed to get at least 3 special levels just from ascension, so you really only need it to happen 4 times throughout the leveling process. Be patient and keep faith. I only had 1 4* hero that threatened not to reach 8/8 and even skittleskull got there somewhere in the 4/50’s level range.


I honestly just feed rainbow on 4* and they’re always 8/8 by 3^60

Keep both. If you’re planning on fully ascending your Grimm all the way to 4/70, you’re fine. Keep going. If you’re only going to 3/60, then just stick to feeding him 10 1 star blues at a time for a while, and you’ll also be fine.

Each stage takes more XP than the stage before it, so you’re not actually as close to 3/60 as you probably think.

Here’s the basic leveling strategy I use when leveling 4 stars to 3/60:

I split the XP required to get to 3/60 into seven equal pieces. You need to trigger the special skill upgrade 6 times (since you get 2 skill upgrades each time you ascend), so this gives you a buffer of almost 17%.

Special Skill Level: Tier/Level
2: 1/37
3: 2/1 (ascension)
4: 2/30
5: 3/1 (ascension)
6: 3/3
7: 3/32
8: 3/48

If I am below the threshold (i.e., at special skill 3 at 2/14), I feed the hero high XP feeders. If I am above the threshold (i.e., at special skill 2 at 2/14, like you), I feed the hero 1 stars of the same color in groups of 10 until I get back on track.

There’s so much XP required to go from 3/60 to 4/70 that you don’t need to worry at all if you’re going that far.

Thanks I will try that, I can use the 2 stars on Alasie.

I probably wasn’t going to use Grimm as a feeder.
But I was getting frustrated so there’s no telling what I might do :slight_smile:


My only 3/60 hero that does have an 8/8 special skill is Chao, who is at 7/8.
And I don’t use him too often.