Need advice on my defense team


This is my attack team as well as my defense team.
For some reason, I’m losing ALL of the enemy attack and enemy revenge.
There must be something wrong with my defense team. Does anyone have any advice?


First general advice:

  • Get all your heros up to max level within their ascension. (Start with Caedmon and Sabina)

Second general advice:

  • While defending, put healers in position 2 and/or 4, with your “biggest” guy in position 3
  • While attacking, put healers in position 1 and/or 5


  • How is your team arranged now?


sabina marjana thorne caedmon athena
I have boldtusk, Hutao and gormek, should I level a couple of them up and put them in my defense team?


Athena Sabina Marjana Thorne Caedmon

You’re also spread a little thin. I agree you should focus more on getting certain characters, stronger.
Good luck!



For defense I would place them like this:
Marjana - Sabina - Caedmon - Boldtusk - Athena

For offense I would go:
Sabina - Marjana - Caedmon - Athena - Hu Tao

You have plenty of room for improvement just by leveling up your heros. Just get all heros to level 50/60 so you can ascend them when you get materials. (I would start with Caedmon and then Sabina)

There are plenty of people who are better at raiding than me btw, they can probably provide more insight :slight_smile:


Is thorne really that weak? I thought he is the toughest guy in the game.


He can take a beating, but isnt that dangerous in my opinion.


Thank you! I watched your raiding 101 video and it helped me a lot!


Well I put him on my offense team because both Athena and Thorne generate mana at the same speed. Using their abilities at the same turn can usually wipe out 2 heroes on the enemy team.
But yea I guess I will remove him from my defense team.


But like I said, those are just my thoughts and what I would try, its not necessarily the best haha! :slight_smile:


Thank you. It’s good to reach out like this… There are a lot of great people on these forums.


I didnt’ see the original photo (didn’t display on the forums correctly). I was going off your top 5 heroes. Gormek is an incredible tank. Boldtusk isn’t what he used to be. Try this overnight, sometime and see how you do in the morning when you wake up:

Hu-Tao, Sabina, Gormek, Boldtusk, Caedmon


If I were going to attack your team I would try and hit the right side with Caedmon and Sabina until I had them gone, then I could build mana to take out the other three. I would, at the least, switch Sabina and Thorne to give your line up less of a hole. Make it harder for the attackers to make a mana opening that way. But to be honest, I would also try some of the suggestions the others have given.


i dont think hutao gormek and boldtusk are strong enough right now in my team, they are all lower level.
I’m now at 1900 trophies with 2750 teampower, if i bring them to the defense team, my team power would be only around 2400.
But well, I guess I will level them up later. Especially Hutao because he’s my only holy hero…


I guess this would work. Just won my first defense!


I would be much more worried attacking that line up. Good Luck. :grin:


Thorni in middle caedome on his right mariginna on thorn left on the ends healer and angle


If 2 heroes on defence get full mana at the same time, they activate from left to right, so you want to put Athena on the left, so she will apply defence debuff before others use their damaging attacks. Caed 2nd so he will dispel potential defence buff.

I would use Sabina in middle, she gets most mana and will heal everyone up with that mana, thus stay alive best. Then Marjana and Thorne.

On another note, you will always lose most of defences. Even with one of the highest power teams in the game I lose at least 50% defenses while winning 99% attacks just because it isn’t balanced. And I just don’t lose to top players, but much weaker ones.


Nice insight, Arien. I shall use that tidbit of knowledge. Thanks!


If you get a great blue board you can win with Athena alone (depending on your cup level, I’m making the blithe assumption you’re 1000-1600ish based on your team)

If you get an awful blue board you are now 2x worse than you would be with a split color.

While it may feasible with certain builds and a having a healer helps team sustain, raiding against levelled / ascended heroes becomes a race for specials and you’re limiting your options to get the all important first kill (such that you can ghost attacks for 2x mana generation) when it comes to raid attacks if you can’t get your blue toons up before the other team unloads on you.

On the flip side having the blue target dummy with equivalent mana to Athena might allow you to get near but not quite on Athena and not get whacked as the AI will chase closer to full mana heroes when you are attacking and it’s faced with a choice on kill shots… may be worth trying, I’d definitely slot Athena to the right of the other blue as a test.

I guess do what works for you, but I can manage the second one (I’ve sacrificed Scarlett and Balthazar for Athena so many times haha) and the first one can get ugly fast, especially if I get a great board for the color I don’t have.