Need advice on finding new alliance members

Hi guys, recently I create my own alliance (Nemessis) and I put a topic in alliance recruitment but as I can see is very hard to find couple of new guys. Now the question is how can I find some new guys to ask them if they want to join in my alliance?? Any help is welcome. Tks

There is Discord recuitment server, several recuitment Line groups, social media, in game recuitment, forum, networking.

Recuiting is time consuming and can be frustrating. We share the task between several people in our alliance family.

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We are 2 at the moment and yes is frustrating. Maybe you can help to share whatever you know will be helpful??

It’s difficult to find people. I’m just now starting to fill mine after 6 months! We are at 15 now! Another option is merging your alliance with another

And how you can merging my alliance with another? And maybe you can ask in your alliance if someone know who wants to be in new alliance?

Here is a question which may deserve its own thread, but…why did you guys start a new alliance when so many are open and recruiting?


We are welcoming new members into mine, but nobody wants to move into another as far as i know.

I start play about 6 months ago and I always in the alliance where I use to be they don’t really use flags for titan and war and I just move myself to some alliance but same problem and I decided to open a new one and maybe get some ppl who are really want to play the game to become stronger

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There is no secret, just hard work. Go to the areanas I listed, see how other people do it and try to find your own tone.

Sounds like you are actually looking for an active alliance. Why don’t you join one that already exists? There are several good alliances.

Ping me on Line if you want to chat, id: silver_dragon-r

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Yes active ppl looking for and I don’t want to join in another alliance to see how things are going

Did you say “hello”?

Did you look at chat log to see if they all fought?

Biggie here: Did you see how many members were active in the previous 24 hours?

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I guess it’s a thing of luck. I was lucky enough to have the right people join at the right moment and also kicked the right people out at the right moment. There is no strength in numbers here… It’s the quality that makes the difference, not the quantity. We got down from 30 to 25 members after we turned from open to invite only and set a trophy limit, but it’s much better to have 25 or even less active members than 30 inactive ones… Those who think of joining you will always check if your alliance is active and if you have long therm inactive members will start asking themselves if your alliance is worth joining. Growing an alliance takes patience and time. I was level 4 when I started it and now we are closing in on 250 days and most of us have over 150 days membership status, so we basically grew and learned together from 1 to 7* titans and 7 wins in the last 10 wars… If you are serious about growing your own alliance, it is possible, but is a long and difficult process…

Yes indeed and nice words. Hope to get some right ppl to rise bit by bit and will be nice to let a small Announcement in your alliance maybe someone know a new ppl who want join in a new alliance. Tks

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Hey Bud in that case you are not helping me just to criticize me. I ask for advice and no harm to ask maybe I can do something about and I know is hard to find new ppl and I’ll have time and patience,what can I do. Tks for your understanding

Usually 1 free player be chased about 20 alliance member. Thats imbalance and hard to recruit from alliance recruitment chat room.

Free player tend to join already established alliance. So if u are new formed alliance, it will become harder. New members also like to join a leader that have good heroes display and has high level.

My suggestion is try to recruit / poach people from dead alliance where the leader and coleader already inactive for more than 3 months but in that alliance there are several people still playing. Enter that alliance and ask for the remaining people to join yours

I have found 10 active people that joined my alliance which was 20 two weeks ago. It took me 2 weeks. Now we are 30. I have only used in-game recruitment forum. You just have to spend a lot of time there. But it is possible.

Check us out at The Knights Templar - have 8 open spots

Remember, you need a trusted member to become leader in your absence if you leave to recruit. It will mean losing some war chest points and titan points.

Here is the recruiting discord server…

There is also a section for merging alliances…