Need advice - levelling 4 star and trashing 3 star

So, f2p, guess I’ve been playing nearly 4 months and need to see how I get ahead. I figure I have some reasonable 3 star, and making 4 star progress…
4 star first : have kiril 4/70, gormek 4/65, caedmon 4/64 (with costume waiting), plus sonya, scarlett, Sabina (costume 0), tiburtus, kashrek, danzaburo all sitting 3/60, boril and colen at 0.
(5 stars only reuben at 0, thorne and costume at 2/60)
Materials are an issue for ascension, all really, but gloves seem particularly hard to come by - what should I prioritise…
I’ve got nothing yellow to level right now but danza seems a waste given the regular freezing

Next 3 star, Maxed: baltazar, bane, belith, kailani, valen, Agnes, tyrum, chochin, gan ju, berden, hawmoon, nashgar.
Cluttering my inventory I have some further season or s1 costumed that I don’t know whether to keep or burn: by ulf, sudri, carver, Oberon, muggy, tuck, azar, and some non specials in Gunnar, brienne.

Space is an issue of course

Any advice gratefully received.

Try to get more roster space and keep everyone if you can.

I know it’s a pain that it costs gems.

Having a decent range of 3* is really handy for tournaments and challenge events.


I second Jonah’s thought on this.

While I wouldn’t keep a ton of 3* dupes, you will still probably want to keep at least some 3*s in your inventory for rare level events and/or raid tournaments.

The first few roster upgrades only cost 50 gems apiece, and are well worth it IMO. Think of that as being the cost of 1/6th of a Dawa. Even when the cost moves up to 100 gems per upgrade, it’s still only 1/3rd of a Dawa. The extra roster space is a much better deal.

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Glaring omission I guess. I’ve upgraded storage by 7 shots I think, so that I have 90 slots now, and I’m willing to take the next 3 100gem hits, but probably not at 150 gems.
Still, between the 3 stars I’m not sure are worth keeping, and hoarding some trainers for high levelling on 4 stars (no yellow to push up so those are an issue). So should I just burn off my trainers for space? I’m really not sure how many of those unlevelled 3’s are worthwhile…

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3* to definitely max: Muggy, Azar, Gunnar and Brienne.

4* to definitely max: Sonya, Scarlett, Sabina, Tiburtus, Kashrek, Boril and Colen.

You WILL need and use all of them :slight_smile:

You must still be low level? You get additional slots as you level up.

There’s really no need to keep a bunch of dupes of 3*s, unless you like them. Several can probably be discarded entirely and you will probably never regret it.

So you are hoarding a lot of trainers. Hmm. I mostly use my trainers when I get them, but I know some people like to save them for power leveling.

I guess in your case… only having 90 slots is certainly very limiting. It’s probably safe to ditch at least all of your unleveled vanilla 3s until you get more roster space. I wouldn’t be so quick to dispose of special 3s though, unless you plan to regularly spend on this game… vanilla 3s will continue to drop into your lap constantly, but event and S2/S3 ones are not so easily replaceable.

Yeah level 28.levelling seems slow lol. I’m building my level 20 stronghold now and start shooting the 4th Tc to the sky after that.
Because of the mats issue I’ve been careful to get my heroes to 3/60 with special 8, but I figure I need to use more of these trainers up as and when I can to give back space.

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Yep, everything in this game is slow, and it doesn’t get any faster later.

For now, you can absolutely dispose of your unleveled vanilla 3s. I would hold off on getting rid of any that are already at level 50 though, unless you have a ton of dupes. You will never get the full value of your resources back by feeding a fully leveled hero.

But vanilla 3* heroes in this game are a dime a dozen. I fed away my first Bane early on, which was a mistake… but I’ve probably pulled 100 duplicates of him since, so certainly not the end of the world.

Righto, thanks guys that gives me some solid wriggle room to strategise around.

Last burning question : would you throw those precious orbs, gives and compass at danzaburo if you had no other yellow 4 or 5 star, or throw my 5 hoarded epic pulls at the yellow elemental summon and hope for the best (I’ve been waiting for the next event to use them).

One thing about trainer heroes, I love to hoard those too haha

But they take so much space that is needed for other heroes and I’m already at the 150 gem stage for buying more roster space

I decided to use all my 1* trainer heroes, XP are ok but not that awesome to keep them, better use them for your 4* or 3* with full specials

I usually keep 1 2* trainer of each color, and if I get a second one I’ll feed them to 4* and/or 5*

3* trainers I keep at least 2 or 3, more is too much because it’s not worth giving up too much space.

And 4* trainers are super rare, playing soon one year and I don’t even have one in each color

So, I always made it a point to keep one of each. You never know when they may come in handy. Muggy is a fun ones, and I use Gunnar all the time, and Brienne can be useful for titans.

Basically, I also started by making my way up by creating decent 6x war teams and 3* heroes are the fastest way to do so. Of course, it depends on what you are up against.

I’m currently sitting at 300 gem hit, with a total of 243 hero slots… eventually, you’ll find that the expanded roster space will help with war depth. Sure having 30 heroes seems to be all you need, but really, you’ll need more to deal with special situations and you’ll soon find uses for duplicate 4* heroes.

Personally, before I ascend “less desirable” heroes, I make sure I have enough spare AMs in case a “better” one comes along… so, I would wait until I had 8 orbs before leveling up Danzaburo, but that’s me.

When you talk about the epic pulls, the tokens can only be used in the regular summons or seasonal summons, not the elemental summon. Save them for the seasonal summons for a chance of getting special heroes.

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