Need advice for raising up level of my team

Hi guys,

I am around 2000 cups, level 28, and I would like to raise level of my team(s).

My problem now is on yellow heroes because I do have only
Hu Tao 60/3 skill 6
Li Xiu Tier 2 level 1
Chao 35/1
Wu Kong maxed.

I don’t know on which hero to focus for leveling.

I usually play raid attacks and Titans…and naturally events.

My current team has:
Thorne(60/2 skill 6) – Gormek(max) – Kashrek (max) – Hu Tao(60/3 skill 6) – Rigard (max)

I would soon like to shift to:

Kiril[Yellow Hero]KashrekMarjanaRigard


Sabina[Yellow Hero]MarjanaHanselKiril

What do you suggest?

my only suggestion would be using Wu more. I have seen a very big increase in everything by using him. Yes it does come with a price sometimes but honestly I would not change it.

For titans I usually bring mana pots and set Wu off at the beginning of the battle.

I like the second choice out of the 2 you are looking at. But I may use Rigard instead of Sabina as his cleanse is a big deal. Sabinas debuff is nice (I use Caedmon for this) but I feel a cleanse may be more worth your while especially in raiding.

I am in just about the same cup range and often see Azlar, Colen, Little John, etc and having Rigard has been invaluable.

As for defense team…which yellow hero should I level up?
I don’t like Hu Tao for defense…doyou think I should wait for Yellow elemental summon and hope for some Joon? :wink:

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Joon is fantastic, mine is going to 80 now.

The event coming up has Jackel who is very good. I hope I can pull him or Panther.

Out of what you have I would go with Li Xiu or Chao for defense. In our cup range they show up quite often and their mana drain sucks. I always have someone ready to fire when they go off.

If this is for attacking teams, I’d say you have a bit too much focus on healing on the first team (Kiril, Rigard/Sabina, Kashrek) Go with Hansel on offense and Kash on defense of that’s the choice. I agree with Rockstar that Wu slides in nicely there for now - especially sine he’s already leveled.

For the yellows, Leave Hu Tao behind (keep for wars, but not much else). The choice is between Li Xiu and Chai and honestly its a tossup. Li is better on defense, Chao on attack. I’d probably lean Chao.

So guys, it could be:

KIRIL – WU KONG (or Joon if I ever get him) – MARJANA – HANSEL – RIGARD

And for DEFENSE:

Li Xiu is stronger on defense in my opinion…each time I find here in teams I do attack, she is always a big pain.

What do you think?

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You still need hitters, even on defense. For defense, I would run Sabina (For the heal and dispel), Kiril (attack and defense buff), Marjana, Thorne, Li Xiu in that order

For attacks, I would use Wu, Marjana, Kiril, and strong color hitters against their tank

I do not have enough ascension mats for Thorne. I am levelling up Kiril and between the two of them I do prefer to maximize Kiril.

So, keeping Thorne at 60/2 is not very useful in my opinion and instead of having 2 blues (one of which quite weak) I would rather put Kashrek in or, if too defensive, maybe an Hansel. Don’t you agree on that?

Kash would be good on defense. Hansel would be a better fit for offense

What ascension materials do u have. I agree u need hitters. I fear most of this league li xiu but also gormek is a tank with abbility to weak defense. So strong hitter but only max 3 opponents instead of all as li xiu. If u are more weak on titans u need fast and strong hitters. But without the right AM hard to give a good advice

Here follows my list of ascension mats

Damascus Blade 3
Telescope 2
Mysterious tonic 2
Mystic rings 2
Poison darts 2
Royal tabard 2
Tome of tactics 1
Battle manual 34
Chainmail shirt 37
Compass 3
Fine gloves 4
Hidden blade 2
Orbs of magic 4
Trap tools 5
Warm cape 7
Tall boots 44
Scabbard 33

Here follow screens of my ascension mats and of my roster

What do you suggest?

Thorne is useless save the mats. You’ll use marjana as a tank anyway

On that note skip leveling kash for now too I’d say

Kashrek is already maxed.
I just made 10x elemental summon and I got Boril and Magni!
Maybe Magni is a perfect tank? But I also love Boril special skill

As u have enough orbs to level a 4* to last tier i would recommend to have a team with wu kong for titans and level up li xiu for raids…

Blue: Magni is weak as a tank but he is a great addition to your team. That said, since you only have 2 telescopes ( you will need 6 to ascend him) you should hold off on investing in him for the time being. For Blues you should focus on Kiril and Grimm. Since you already have Gormek maxed (thumbs up) Kiril should be top priority. Thorne is useless so leave him where he is. Use him for now only on Green titans and war. When you get up to 5-6 telescopes (and 8 capes) you should get Magni going.

Red: With only 2 rings, you should also focus on your 4* heroes here. Level Scarlett first, but be on the lookout for Boldtusk. Once you’ve collected 5 rings or more, go for either Marjana or Elena. Both are great, but pick one and stick with it. One maxed is 100x more useful than 2 in progress.

Green: Kashrek is great as a tank on defense. For now that’s where you should put him. I’d level Hansel first then Melendor since you already have 2 healers and will be working on Kiril as well. Hansel is really a great 4* so be confident that this is a good use of resources. Leave Skittleskull where he is and only level him when you’ve run out of other heroes. Brienne is the top green 3* and possible the top 3* overall. She’s easy and cheap to level and is critical for performing well in the lowest tier of the monthly events. Do not eat her. Feed her when you get the chance.

Yellow: Other than Wu Kong, Yellow sucks at the 4* level. But Hu Tao sucks the most of all. Do not waste your orbs on him. Level Wu Kong ASAP. He’s the best 4* (maybe best 4 or 5*) in the game for titans and is solid on offense as well. After him, switch to Chao. If you’re feeling lucky and have some $$ to spend, do some pulls in the Guardians event and see if you can pull Guardian Jackal.

Purple: Rigard is awesome so you’ve done very well there. I’d work on Tiburtus next to give you color flexibility in the Ramming Pulverizer category (Gormek, Grimm, Tibs). Sabina is a good second purple healer so do her next.

Overall you have a great selection of 4* to work on. When you collect enough of the 4* ascension materials to switch attention to your 5* heroes, your team will be much stronger and more versatile than it is today.

Good luck!


Oops, just saw you already have Wu Kong maxed, so just move on to Chao there.

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