Need advice for new defense line

Here’s my heroes list:

My current and long-service main team is team 1 with sequence:
Tiburtus | Melendor | Kiril | Chao | Gormek

I don’t have much 5* heroes, but recently I believe I pulled few good heroes, plus Horghall and the latest Kageburado, so I thought maybe I can think of a new defense line in future.
But I couldn’t figure out which one more suitable as tank, flank or wing.

Assuming if all heroes are fully maxed, which heroes and position would you think are best for them? Since I’m focusing on defense, so I can accept same color heroes in one team.

Thank you for all your input. <3

Horghall is very easy to kill for me, Kashrek is much harder tank.
This probably can be better and Kage can aattackmore often from here. But people can take mono yellpw for that team.

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