Need advice for fire ascension please

Hello everybody,

I’m currently thinking about my next 5* fire hero to ascend.
I’ve 2 fire heroes maxed: GM and QoH.

Below my options. Thanks in advance

If you are looking for a defensive hero than Vanda could be the answer. If you are looking for an attacker, than I will suggest Lady Loki, she is a game changer imo…

Since you already have Queen of Hearts maxed, her best buddy is the cat. Since both QoH and Puss are at average mana, this ensures that your Queen will have 2 minions with taunt. They lack the firepower though with only your GM doing the best damage he can.

For offensive and defensive capabilities, Mitsuko would provide those aspects. Vanda is another very fast hero that may have good synergy with your GM. Tyr is a decent sniper and may win some raids or PVEs on his lonesone. And Lady Loki is a luxury hero good if you have enough maxed 5* in your bench.

Those are my thoughts on those heroes.

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Definitely Wanda. She gives more troubles in defense and attack then others

I know the good synergy between the cat and the Queen, but talking about offense IMO is going to be too passive. In the current meta (green tank) I usually go with 3x2 (3 fire heroes) and basically after GM and QoH I mostly use Mitsuko to counter ice hero. The other 2 heroes are usually damage dealer or one sniper and one healer (sometimes I attack without healer).

I realize that any decision I make will be a good one, but I’m not sure if I want to sacrifice the cat-queen synergy in order to have a more balanced team. Mitsuko seems really important and Vanda seems really good as well

Plus I’m saving for the next round of costumes (hopefully costume Marjana) so too many variables… :slight_smile:

Red legendaries in your roster are heroes that you wont regret investing rings on and you see them in raid defense. But the thing is, since you have ascended QoH already, it would be a shame not maxing the cat since both he and the QoH have good synergy that not taking advantage of such good pairing would put tears to players’ eyes. Well, you level them eventually. Its just a matter who gets the rings first


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