Need advice for asc priority

just played 40 days , i got few *5 and more *4 , my question should i do asc on *5 to 4-70 or better do *4 to 4-70 ?
in my case i got

  • Yellow - *5 Leo and *4 Chao both 3-60 , only had 4 crystall
  • Blue - *5 Magni and *4 Triton both 3-60 as well , only had 4 capes

normally better to do 4* first.

Chao first but the blue is up in the air.

what do you have for the other colors?

Red BT , Purple Sabina , Green Skittle all 3-60 as well

I might go Magni to 70 as your are pretty healer heavy. Triton would help that but you lack hitters.

So given the information provided I would say Chao and Magni.

i wonder which one stronger ? Magni *5 4-70 or Triton *4 4-70

Triton may be as most 4* are stronger maxed than most 5* at 3-70.

However, in your situation you need hitters pretty bad unless you plan on dragging out every battle.

You have any other purple options?

Triton does hit, though not as hard as specialists. I’ve heard magni is easy to kill until maxed.

other purple is Proteus 3-60 but used only for Raid/Event

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If you don’t have the mats to take your 5* to 80, I would focus on ascending a few teams of rainbow 4* first. They will be a lot stronger than your 5* at 3/70, and can be used everywhere.

The only times I would take a 5* to 70 before you have the mats is either: you already have a few rainbow teams of 4* built, or their special is amazing enough to make up for the difference in stats (ie Hel’s mana shutdown, Alby/MN resurrection, healers /dispellers/cleansers if you’re lacking, etc.)

So Triton and Chao for sure.

I would probably put Proteus ahead of Sabina to be honest and max him.

Then do Chao and Triton.

i found that

Magni 4-70 = 666-497-1122
Triton 4-70 = 702-601-1049

seems Triton better for this stage , and yes i think need much time proly few months to collect Mats for 4-80 , i will choose Triton . Thanks all for your advise , really appreciate it

Avalon up in a few hours
If you think you can finish intermediate or advance you look at the last 3 bosses, max your hero that you think you can beat those three.

You could try and max blue & green to get past level 9 to beat Sir Lancelot and Arthur.
Then get purple 4* max to deal with Guinevere, but not necessary.
You can take 2 healer to the event and lot of potion and axes, dragon bombs, tornadoes, time stop, what ever help.
These event offer a lot of ascension mats.

Happy reading! :wink:

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