Need advice for a far better team building

I am at level 28, around 1900-2000 cups and would like to evolve and build up a couple of better teams for:
Raid defense:
Raid attack/titans

My team now is the following

Thorne (60/2) – Gormek (max) – Kashrek (max) – Hu Tao (60/3) – Rigard (max)

I was planning to aim to the following team:

Sabina – Magni – Kashrek – Marjana – Li xiu

But I would like to know your opinion and your suggestions:

My Roster is as follows:

Tiburtus (26/1)
Sabina (18/1)

Wu Kong (max)
Li Xiu 10/2
Chao 35/1

Elena 26/1
Marjana 21/1

Magni 38/1
Grimm 25/2
Kiril 43/3

Skittleskull 32/3

Thank you guys !

First get your 4* going before you start worrying about 5*. Get to 4/70 Kiril & Sonya/Grimm & Hansel & Melendor & Tiburtus. Thats where I would start. Without items for 5* heroes they are not of a big use. And you need a nice 4* team for events. You can also complete legendary event with a 4* team.


I second @Maaeetz’s advice.

For gold, I’d pick Chao over Li Xiu to work with Wu Kong vs. Titans.

First, there’s no need to stick to a rainbow team, especially on defense. That said, one thing to remember is that you don’t want one of the two-color people to be the tank. That makes it too easy to double up against you.

My take on your best 4* defense team would probably be:
Kiril - Tiburtus - Kashrek - Sonya - Chao

You could use Rigard in place of Kiril (trading Kiril buffs for team cleansing), and Gormek in place of Tiburtus (trading offense for more defense). The only place for LiXiu is at tank, and I think Kash is better at that and already maxed.

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