Need advice for 10* rare yellow titan

I have Wu maxed, but I think I need to sit him vs this titan. However, I’m not getting the damage I’m used to with Wu in the lineup. So, HELP :slight_smile: . Here are my viable heros:

Yellow – Maxed - Wu, Delilah
Purple - Maxed - Tibs, Sabina, Rigard
Red - Maxed - Scarlett, BT Others - Natalya (3-62)
Blue - Maxed - Kiril, Grimm Others - Alasie (3-66), Sonya (4-56)
Green - Maxed - Zeline, Caedmon Others - Hansel (4-20)

I tried 2 lineups. Neither produced what I was hoping:

Rigard, Tibs, Zeline, Hansel, BT
Rigard, Sabina, Tibs, BT, Kiril

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Rare titans are a bit tougher than the regular ones.
I always note the same: lower dmg output compared to regular titans.

Heroes: Boldtusk - Tiburtus - Sabina - Rigard - Hansel
Items: Turtle Banner - M. Potions - Axe Attack - Revive Scroll

Turtle Banner: to reverse defense debuff of special
Mana Potions: to fill Sabina or Tiburtus and then dispel/reverse the special
Axe Attack: that guy hit hard, you’ll need it
Revive Scroll: I’ve already said that it hit hard… it were true.

(Healer) Use Rigard and Boldtusk at will, keep Sabina for dangerous situations;
(Control) Use Hansel to prevent dangerous specials, better if before firing crystals;
(Debuff) Always use Tiburtus when avaiable.


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