Need advice. Ascend Hel, Costume Sartana or Seshat

I didn’t mention it, probably should have. It was one of those my defense was fine, I have ursena as my dark hero, but was just looking to push it to that next level I guess. I had a bunch if different things like available emblems, waiting for other swaps etc that I wasnt sure if it would just muddy up the post so I went with simple

Felt I needed to revisit this thread. I had ascended Seshat first and no regrets, she is great on offense and defense, that dispel really helps.

Ascended Hel next, was kicking myself a bit in choosing her over Alfrike, until I got Hel fully leveled and 10 emblem nodes. Absolute God mode. My purple yellow attack team takes out telluria tanks like nothing.

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Do not ever regret maxing Hel. Hell, I would have even recommended to choose her first over Seshat or over any other purple (though nothing wrong with going Seshat first, she is brilliant). But Hel, she is my favorite offensive hero, and I have many of the top ones, but still that 3 turn mana block wins matches.

Alfrike is next in line also for me (even over faster ones as clarissa or sartana), only one tabard missing. I want her for fun and for VF tournaments and can afford to skip the faster heroes.


Absolutely. Definitely do not regret going Hel anymore. I love Alfrike, very slow mana be damned lol. I currently have 2 at 3-70 , sometimes for fun I set them flanking Sif and heals on the wings and raid with that.

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You really couldn’t go wrong, but I’d have done what you did.

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I would max C. Sartana before Alfrike. You can just bring Sartana to level 4/1 and then max the costume to 4/80. Alfrike too slow imo to use in raids/war, especially if you’re fighting GTV teams. Other than being a fun hero to use in PvE, I think Alfrike only excels in Rush Attack tournaments.

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I don’t know, I have SO much fun raiding with her even at only 3-70. This one started very well and was a bit sloppy. But I’ve had matches where Alfrike at 3-70 is the last one standing and takes out 2 heroes

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Hmm, if she fires after say half the fight, it’ll be game over. I’m always over 2.6K cups and if I go dark, she’ll often fire even twice.

I see what you did there!

+1 for Hel.

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I have Hel, Seshat and basic Sartana all maxed. I think so highly of mana control that I have four maxed Proteus one at +19 the other +18.

To which can you give emblems?

Hel hits hard and can be tough, takes a lot of emblems to get the mana bonus so that she can be functionally fast with lvl 17 mana troops, otherwise you will need lvl 23 troops.

Assuming equality on emblems

and a draw between C-Sartana and Seshat for me. C-Sartana is a beast but I find Seshat’s minion and mana resist to be very helpful.

Hel is the only one that comes raiding in spite of only being +3.

I think you already decided but I’ll leave this here just in case someone newer needs the advice.

you can’t go wrong with them but if your bench is a little more limited, Hel.

She will let you pass the event bosses A LOT more easily. You’ll need their loot.

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Sure, if it works out for you like that. But personally, my slow heroes don’t even fire in half of the raids/war hits I do against GTV teams. If you have a lvl 23+ mana troop for her so she fires in 12 tiles instead of 13.5 (basically 14) and Ariel to heal/mana-boost like @MountainMann, then I suppose it could work out.

If you start with a purple diamond and so many purple tiles, you probably would’ve won that raid with any purple 5* heroes in place of Alfrike. Also, this was not against the standard GTV defense.

I do think that using Sif to protect the Alfrikes and Ariel to heal/mana-boost them is a good tactic to help keep them alive long enough tho. Everyone has their own playstyle and roster context, and ultimately this game is about fun so you should definitely ascend Alfrike if she’s fun for you. Personally for me, without support heroes like Ariel and Sif, I would choose C.Sartana over her.

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