Need a way to restart

with the poor start intro not mentioning the importance of leveling Heroes with similar color or exact name, and its importance to later game progression, I’m quitting until there’s some way to reset your progress.


Max, I don’t think, that it is neccessary to restart. You did not do anything wrong, you just lost some time, nothing more. I level my 4* and 5* heroes also with different colours, as it would just last too long, to level them only with their own colour … and I don’t even think about to wait for the same hero again, to use it for leveling. It does not really matter, how you level - you still can reach the maximum level, you still can reach the maximum special skill, although it might take a bit longer, if you don’t do it with the same colour.

I don’t think you need to restart, but I DO think you bring up a good point regarding what should be included in the intro.

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Main problem with games being free is that you dont have the right to be able to reset. I dont know why the option would be such a hardship to the developer. I thinm because your impatience may lead cash for them. Im an RPG guy, and if i cant start over again and build in a different way then Im done. Did anyone only have one Skyrim character? Just saying.

Because in tbis game it is about time and patuence, there is no benefit to starting over. You can’t build anything differently. Starting over only gets rid of your hard earned items

Don’t start over. You’ll hate it. I started an alternate account and hated it, thinking I new all these new tricks and it’d be days before I was a certified stud. Yeah, a level 1 SH and no meat and iron, only 15 WE, and unwinnable raids and it takes forever.

PS - I know some love their alt accounts, for me, it just wasn’t worth it.

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If there was no combat I would agree, but ascending a hero and then deciding you are not that into the character is a huge is a huge lost investment. If you dea, away a realy good healer that you randomly got early on for instance. Then never getting another healer after 150 more heroes, is a good reason to want to start a new character.

There is absolutely no such thing as a game with no tricks or strategy. The concept itself is an oxymoron.

People not being able to start over is like over-prevention of a victumless crime.

What you are saying makes no sense at all. If you decide you don’t like a hero adter you maxed it, you will lose more if you reset your progress. And honestly all heroes are useful. If you’ve spent some rare ascension materials on someone that you don’t like its your fault for not planning for the future. Many people have heroes that are strong and they are not ascending them despite having materials because they are waiting for better heroes.

I am not even sure if you know what RPG means, if you don’t see how the game fits into this genre.

Again what you are saying makes no sense. I don’t see why anyone would like to lose all their progress.

Apart from RPG this could be considerd a CCG, like Hearthstone. Here the main objective is to colect heros. Having your progress reset in a CCG makes no sense.

In the end if you really really want to start anew, I think you can delete the game and all of its chace and make a new google account. It’s pointless but if that is what floats your goat - go for it.

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Okay I am going to defer to your wisdom, and bow out of this discussion in the face of the impending escalation. Wasnt trolling, just expressing an opinion. I have done multiple starts on characters across multiple genres, not just RPG, and always will. Your opinion is that Im stupid as a result, and I would die for your right to express that opionion, so here’s the ball kick a goal. Peace.

I had no idea what I was doing so I would like to start fresh too.

I have Google play, so it remembered me like a year later, so what I did was:
Just go to the options menu, sign out and sign back in with a different email
I’m not sure if that works on a different device

as with all games… a bit of user responsibility is required… all the tools are there from joing an alliance and get the help of others to explain… there are chats, forums not to mention the endless wealh of knowledge on the internet… Starting over would simply be pointless because the next problem would be that you are not at a level you could be if you had just stuck with the original account. some gamers, play… and some players, game… Gamers strick to it and overcome… players look for another game.

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