Need a new alliance

Has been in a alliance for quite a while. But still hitting 6* titans. Need a change.
Any good, drama free alliances out there?

Muerte al titan vente con nosotros 7 y 8 estrellas por ahora

Would love to have you in Brave New World. I just started it last night after our old alliance imploded due to poor leadership, but we have a core of about 16 active players. We were taking down 9* consistently with a full alliance. Check us out.


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Silver Sapiens has some room as well. We are newly formed as well with a strong core group.

Our 1st Titan was 1*, but hoping to move up quickly.


I could probly get you into crew-raiders against 8* titans or crew-saders against 11*, just depends on your roster strength. Line id: jrigs

ZERO we are hitting 10* Titans. Line: ghostnamepbj

Hey, I want to ask you join new strong and poweful alliance called DrymTym. We are active and work for our team, so we hope the same from you!

Thx for replying. Will forside after war.

Deside. F… Autocorrect

We just had a spot become available. Check our ad under The Ruthless Warriors. All our drama is of the fun variety :grin::joy::rofl:


Check us out. Spot open after war. 8/9* titans. 50/50 on War. New and Oldies in the roster.

Mixed Nuts Special Blend would love to have you!

Join the the Ruthless Warriors. One free spot avlb.

Swing a dead cat :hot_face:

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I have a spot open on a great friendly alliance that actually kills 8-9* titans and fully participates in wars. I don’t recruit often so don’t have a fancy message. I can invite one lucky people who’s willing to level up and get stronger!

I’d like to join ur alliance but I work and cant always be active but I try between work and sleep.

Hi! I’m part of a newly defected alliance as our old one is on its last legs :cry:
Chaos Family just started today, might be a tad weak for you @Bigga as we were only hitting 4/5* with the occasional 6*, but if there’s any low/mid level players in this thread looking for a new active alliance then come to Chaos Family! Or if an experienced player feels like playing mentor we’d love that too haha :joy: tell em Spunk-Rat sent you!

Hey there! We’d love to have you over at Onslaught. It’s a great group of knowledgeable players who are constantly helping each other grow. Currently hitting 9 & 10* Titans but have taken down some 11*s. 5-2 war record so far. We have some really strong hitters, one was even ranked #1 in the world for a bit yesterday. Give us a look. Can find me on Line @ bueghs if you have any questions

Thx for replying. Have desided to go to crew raiders.


Belgium’skillers le groupe recrute 3 nouveaux joueurs actifs aujourd’hui .