Need a little help with organising my heroes

Hi all … I have only been playing for 6 weeks. I have a mixed bag of heroes, not sure how to align then for best outcomes and which heroes to keep and which to eat.
Any help would be much appreciated.

No reason to eat any 3 star or higher for now. Perhaps if you get duplicate 3 stars that you haven’t leveled and are running out of space it can be worth it.

Of the heroes you have, here are my favorites: Joon, Bertilla, Tiburtus, Grimm, Gormek, Boldtusk, Buddy, Bjorn, Bane, Valen.

There’s probably better new player guides that could help you than I could write out for you.

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Personally I would keep all of those for the time being.

Conventional wisdom is to focus on building up a few teams of 3* before starting on 4*. And once you have a few teams of 4*, then start focusing on 5*

For purple, I would max Bjorn first and then start on Cyprian until you get more purple 3*. Then switch over to those.

For yellow, keep working on Bane. Then max Melia. Once you have both maxed, work on Chao unles you get another yellow 3*.

For blue, your choices seem more limited but Grimm is a really good hero to keep working on. If you get another blue 3*, I would switch to prioritizing them first.

For green, I would work on Mnesseus. He doesn’t hit as hard as Berden, but he can remive buffs which is a useful skill. Then I would probably work on Muggy and after him, Buddy. However, if you get one of the numerous green 3* healers, they are all more useful than Muggy.

For red, finish working on Rudolph, then when he is maxed, work on Hawkmoon. As one of the few 3* healers who isn’t green, she is very valuable. Once you run out of red 3*, I would work on Boldtusk and Gormek in that order. Kelile and Shadereave can wait.


Basic advice here:
Dont worry about leveling your 5* yet. focus on your 3s and 4s.
Boldtusk should be a top priority to level bc hes a great 4* healer even in the end game.
I’d max Tiburtus, grimm, and gormek as they should be used against titans for their defense down.
Buddy rocks too.
Finish Bjorn and Rudolph they are stud 3*.
Try to snag a wu kong from the holy summon portal when it comes up (if you spend) he will be a big boost for your titan teams.
You’ve got a solid base to build from.
for now I’d back burner any 5 you’re leveling. and focus on the 3s and 4s. and work towards maxing some of the 4s when the ascension materials become available.

PS: also, yeah do Hawkmoon, too. Homeboy^ has a great point.

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In addition to what the others have said, are you in an alliance?
And if you are, do they have a specific colour for tank in wars?

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Cheers, I’m hoping for some good healers in the future so until then I’II take all of your very helpful advice. Looks like I was trying to run before I could walk. :grin:

And not in an alliance as yet, wanted to build my heroes more so I can be more useful to someone.

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Being in an active alliance will actually help you build faster since titans are one of the primary sources of ascension materials.

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And with the next Path of Valor coming soon, some of the challenges can only be completed if you’re in an alliance

Edit : We’re not one of the strongest, but my alliance welcomes anyone and war is not compulsory. Just search for ‘Kawan’ :smiley:

Even joining a random open alliance is better than not


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