Need a little help from you experts on leveling up please

Here are my hero’s I’m afraid I’m gonna level the wrong one up and honestly was doing really good until I received some new hero’s and now I don’t know what I should do ! I know I need to feed some 3* but not sure which ones ! I’m really wanting 1 really good offensive team and 1 really good defensive team . Any help would be greatly appreciated

Okay, I’m assuming you don’t have all of the mats to ascend a 5*, and if that’s true and you aren’t even close I would personally hold off on leveling any of them. They take a lot more time and resources, and chances are they’ll be stuck at 2/60 for a very long while so they’re best to do last, or at least once you get a few teams put together first.
Now you could work on 3* first since they’re faster to level and can be used for the beginner challenge event, or you could level 4* first because they may take longer, but are ultimately stronger than maxed 3* once at third ascension I believe.
Blue: Grimm for offense and titans, then Kiril for the heal and dragon banner buff, then Triton for the boost on healing (4*) (Valen), Gato, Ulmer, Gunnar (3*)
Red: Wilbur for the link and defense up & down, then maybe Colen or Kelile for defense/or fast sniper, then Gormek (kind of obsolete with Wilbur but can still be handy for wars), (4*) Hawkmoon, Namahage, Nashgar, Azar (3*)
Green: Hansel because he’s the best 4*, then idk Skittle? Neither Gobbler nor Skittle are very good (4*) Belith, Mnesseus (Berden & Brienne if you get them) (3*)
Yellow: Chao for mana control, Danza if you can handle unpredictability, then Hu Tao I guess (4*) Bane, Melia, Gan Ju, Kailani (3*)
Purple: Proteus because of the mana control- one of the best 4*, Rigard because of the cleanse and heal (because you need a healer on your team asap and he’s probably the best), Tiburtus for Titans, then Cyprian for defense mostly (4*) Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Tyrum, Chochin (3*)
I’d keep at least one copy of all of the different 3* you have to eventually level for war (because you need 30) but the ones I listed are considered the best of the 3*, and made sure to list the few that you’re missing.
Since you need a healer I would probably work on Rigard before Proteus or Kiril before Grimm.
5*: Lianna is a great sniper and you’re lucky to have her already, start work on her once you’re done with your greens. Vivica is the best healer in the game. You could maybe start work on her after Chao- her heal, buff and dispel are amazing. Joon is also a very good sniper so after Viv. Mok-Arr really needs to be on a mono-team to be the most use to you so he’s one I’d leave untouched until you have several leveled purple characters already. Elkanen isn’t amazing, so one I’d leave til last. Quintus can do well but he’s slow so not one I would prioritize right away.


Liana, proteus and joon :wink::wink::wink:
Only feeding 3* when the skill max 8/8

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