Need a hero 5stars who blocks the removal of buffs

Do you know such hero like Brunhilda (green 4 gives protection and treatment) ? How do you think about some thing close for heroes of legendary level… Maybe is the hero already exist and i don’t know the name? I think we need in future Hotm with such skill. Do you agree? :crown:

Zircon is the answer you were seeking.


Thanks for showing me … yes, he’s what I need and I didn’t immediately remember about him, because even the chance to catch a ninja has to wait quite a long time … I still think that a similar Notm is necessary !! :heart_on_fire: 🏯 Zircon - 5* Ice / Blue from Ninja Tower

so you have Zircon as a hero that offers buff dispel immunity at the 5* level.

considering one of the recent releases is a hero that punishes any removal of the attack down ailment (i forget which hero, but whether you cleanse it or apply an attack buff, you still get hit with the damage), i think there’s room for a hero that, if they don’t provide a direct buff dispel immunity effect, provides a punishment for dispelling a buff.


This hero El Nadahha who gives 200 points damage for any buff

I think dawn was referring to a hero that provides a punishment for dispelling a buff, not a punishment for adding a buff (such as El Nadahha).

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I think maybe this is who you (@dawnsempires) are talking about? (I dont have the hero, but punishes removal of ailment.)

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The Wolf family bonus gives a chance to make their buffs undispellable

Zircon will be available in ice contest of elements next week though

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