Need a great training alliance for two relatively new but actively growing

There are two of us—both around level 19–eager to have good advice and insight. We play daily and often and have built a good base from reading. It seems most of the training alliances don’t have room for two or it’s an invite only and I don’t know how to ask to be invited

Hi there! “Invite only” just means the alliance has to approve your joining them. There may be a little bit of a wait while an elder, coleader, or leader comes on line to look over your account and decide.

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But how do I message them that we are interested?

They will see a message when you try to join.

You are given space to write whatever you wish: “There are two of us who wish to join you, named x and x, with x TP…”

ALSO, Check our the training alliance below, who is interested in you. :grin:

Check Zero genesis, the training alliance of the Zero alliance family! The alliance is casual and family friendly. Possibility to join the common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun. 5 spots


If you decide to join an Invite only alliance and you meet their trophy requirement, then you are able to request join. A message appears in alliance chat and they can decide to accept you or not.

You would need to leave your current alliance before requesting join.

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Thanks for your help

Thank you. We have researched and are very interested in the Zero families. I’ll give it a shot.

Check out “Internet Tough Guys” lots of good advice, players of all levels.

Thank you so much​:heart::heart::heart:

Nice, welcome to the Zero family! :blush:

Thanks. I’m on Zero Genesis. Will get my partner on tonight

Please let me know if i can close this thread. :slight_smile:

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We have room for both of you at 27 crows? We’re all active, learning, and moving forward! Friendly and helpful

i believe the OP has chosen Zero Genesis (see above). :slight_smile:

Yes. Thank you for your help

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It’ll do would be happy to have both of you.

If you are still looking, Apocalypse 831 is an open alliance looking for active players.

Thank you. We have both joined Zero Genesis.

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