Need a good alliance

Come join Dawn of Destruction, we would love to have you, we are 100% participation. Very active helpful group

Crypt Raiders have recently cleaned out non participants for that very reason. We are very friendly. Check us out, 4k defence team, good war bench. Line 'Cobsidian ’ if interested. :+1:t2::grin:

OP, as others have said, it’ll help if you post your # of cups and main defense team power, so that alliances know approximately where you are in the game.

Turpitude has one opening, currently taking down all 9* titans and ~2/3rds of 10*s, nominal 2000 cup threshold and ~3200ish defense team power… but what we’re really looking for is someone who enjoys learning about the game and playing actively, so if you’re <2000 cups but interested, let us know and we can lower the threshold.

Only real requirements are 1)use all 6 war flags if you opt into war, and 2)hit the titan a couple different times each day (only logging in once a day = only using 3 titan flags, so you should throw at least 1-3 more beyond that).

Krypto-Knights is exactly that kind of alliance friend! We are 27/30 looking for some new family!

beerfest! Just started a few weeks ago because half our alliance was inactive. I keep tabs and boot inactives.

Check out Exhalted Warriors (EW)
Full participation in our group, view us if you like and give us a try.

GOT YOUR 6 is looking for active players that have a military or first responder background. No minimums!

You’re more than welcome to join Elite Militia! :slight_smile:

Please check out Holy Wolves. You really will not be disappointed. It’s worth a try - honest

XaLeR is a very active alliance with one spot to fill. Currently hitting 10* titans. We are a diverse team, very friendly and helpful. Check us out…

@Ugrslice come try Man go Loco! we have high participation in war and titans.

Hello @Ugrslice

If you are still looking for a very active alliance please check out The Annual Purge, we used all but one flag in the war, created a double flip and won.

We do everything we can to demolish Titans. We currently down 9* and are flirting with 10* - we would love your help to beat 10*!

We do look for full participation and daily players but understand real life happens too - just let us know if something comes up that will make it difficult to play on a certain day - we do remove inactive players.

We require WhatsApp too as we communicate a lot using it, but if you don’t have it it is really easy to download!

If you have any questions please ask away :slight_smile:

Lou, The Annual Purge

Check us out we’re The 7%. We’re looking for ACTIVE, respectful players who love the game as much as we do. We require no inactivity over 14 days and encourage our players to hit the titans & join us in the wars. Friendly teammates who love sharing game tips, achievements etc. Come check us out while we have openings. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are very welcome at Moonwarriors…we are relaxed but very ambitious. Always after the titans with all players and wars are strategic. We all contributie in the grow…be welcome

@Ugrslice are you still looking or thinking of moving? If so, please consider Ravens of Winterfell. This is a sister alliance to King of the North (top 10) and part of 5 alliances.

We have 3 competitive alliances, 1 casual and the Ravens are s training alliance. There are 3 spots available and once filled, they will start to push to a higher ranking.

We think you would be a good fit and would love to hear from you. Come check us our or just have a chat, we would love to hear from you.

This thread is from May…I think there’s a good chance the OP had settled somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

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■■■■ all your groups have high requirements

Yep!! Kutyusok[hun] ia waiting for you!!! Line id: thunder78angell if you are interesed! Come and check us

STRONGHOLD WINTERFELL is where you want to be!!

Search on the E&P gaming app for STRONGHOLD WINTERFELL and try us out! You won’t be disappointed.

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