Need a good alliance

Any alliances out there who have high participation? I left one because no one was hitting the titan or wars, now the new one I’m in is doing the same. Any good ones out there?


We do love the game and are very active check us out Empire Junkies

Hit me up on line Bluskull

We have great participation in Almighty Mad Warriors. You’re more than welcome to join us for a while, kick the tires, and see if you wanna stay.

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we realize you have other great offers. But we are forming a new alliance of active and growth oriented players who don’t want the drama or bull crap from other alliances. We are a family of loyal teammates and we actually have fun inside this game. Please join us at “TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS”!!!

Zero is an alliance family of 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. We have a common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun. Friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Anything for you?


Hey @Ugrslice

What’s your team power or cup range, it will help everyone give you a better match of offers.

Guardians Reborn has 100% participation in everything, but we have active sister alliances too depending on your level.

Guardian Alliance Family


Magnificent Bastards family has 3 active alliances depending on your strength. Feel free to hit me up on Discord if you have questions. NPNKY#3674

Come join us, 27 crows, fighting hard against a 7* titan now, strong war participation, great alliance who all get along from around the globe!

The Titan Lord’s Wrath kills 6 and 7* titans and fields 20 for wars. We are levels 4 to 49, so, regardless of your current level, I’m sure you’ll fit right in with us. You’re welcome to join and stay if you like it here, as long as you’re active!

I see you are getting a lot of adds and most likely have already decided but if you haven’t or if there are any lurkers here.

Feel free to check out the Buddyland alliance. We need just 1 team to be full again with 30 members.

We beat 9 star titans but can’t seem to beat a 10 star, maybe with your help we can and will.

We are active and will kick people out if they miss 2 titan or war attacks. In fact we ask to uncheck the box if you aren’t going to be in war.

Our main goal is to get the loot from titans and wars.

not sure what level you are in the game but we are a good place to start for players at any level. fully active mature alliance

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Look us up Holy Wolves . Nice friendly alliance and very active etc

Join us, come see why we have been a family for 610 Days, you can reach me on LINE at ‘woofbarkwoof’

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You’d be welcome in the Insurrectionists Family! We pride ourselves on high participation.

Hit me up on line…we have 100% participation @Ugrslice

Knights of the Realm!
We are a friendly alliance that works together (through LINE and chat) in wars, titan fights, and strategies for quest, etc. Lost a handful of members recently to quitting the game and a few went on to become mercs. Taking down 8* titans routinely and up to 10* depending on alliance members available flags/flasks.
Preferably 1800+ trophies but we are flexible and just ask that you actively participate in titan hits and using all 6 flags during wars.

@Ugrslice have you found a home yet? If not, check out the Chop Shop (min 3500 tp) or One Stop Titan Shop (min 4000 tp). We have been an alliance over a year and are always active!

@Ugrslice, check us out

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