Neccymancer is looking for an Alliance!

My current alliance is very passive and since I’m an active player I’d like to switch things up.
To give you a view of my situation…last war we had 21 unused war flags. To make matters worse, seven out of seventeen members have attacked our last titan.

Anyway, enough about that. Time to talk about me briefly.
I’m relatively new. Level 27 and my defense TP is 3107 (all 4*). Got a total of 16 heroes that are 4*).
I play daily, always use my titan flags and always participate in wars. My trophies hover around 1500 and 1600 (right now it is 1616). Oh, I’m in the process of maxing out my Wu Kong for some serious Titan hits.

I speak Dutch and English. You can find me on Discord: Necroth#6308

Hope to play with you guys soon!


Come grow with us. We use all flags in war and hit Titans. We will support u and would like to have you. No drama…we joke around sometimes. Great alliance to grow your team…we support each other.


Your Mom’s House of Pain

We will be happy to see you in our ally DevilsEye.
We are players from different countries some are fairly new some playing for 3 years so lots of experience. Join us for relaxing and friendly experience

If you are still looking, our Alliance could be right for you. We allow for real life and an occasional absence, but when online, we require that titans be hit. War us optional, but if opted in, you must use at least 3 flags. It us exceptionally rare to see any fkags left in the field however. We are friendly, and structured, tho not overly strict. If interested, our alliance name is Warrior Fellowship. We are invite only, so if interested reply here and I’ll open the door for you. Happy Hunting! :slight_smile:

Hey @Neccymancer; no recruitment offer here. When you’ve found a home tho, tag me or one of the other moderators & we can close this thread.

Otherwise people will keep replying forever :stuck_out_tongue:


Wenn du magst kannst gerne zu uns kommen sind ne aktive ali und bei uns steht real u d spass om vordergrund :wink: Österreich neu 2020

If you’re still looking for a home, give us a visit: Othrys Home of Titans. We’re a casual bunch and we ask everyone hits the titan and uses all war flags (or opts out if life happens). We have an Alliance Line chat, but not mandatory.

Mostly English speakers in US and Europe, with a few Nederlanders voor de gezelligheid (for the camaraderie). :wink:

Shop After Dark has a place for you! We are a training alliance for The Shop Family, one of the oldest alliance families in the game.

We offer roster development, we work together on POV, and an awesome war strategy that is a great fit for every level of player.

We have players from all over the globe.

We also use Line. If you are interested, let me know!


Hey Neccymancer! The Crew family has many alliances and you will fit for sure in some! @Math4lyfe and @Rigs will guide you perfectly!


Neccymancer. I’m Devil Hatter. One of the Co-Leaders in Jabberwock and we too would like to extend an invitation to you if you’re still looking for a place to call home. We only have 3 simple rules that I think you are probably wanting to see already in your current alliance. 1) Hit Titans 3 times min. 2) If opted in war use all 6 flags. ) 3) Be on Discord server. If this sounds good to you then you can reach me here or Discord at Devil Hatter#6045.

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Thanks for the tag @Kloster!

@Neccymancer… we can definitely find a good home for you within crew. We use Line, not discord though. If you would like to discuss further, you can find me at lafontaine4. Hope you hear from you soon!

PS: Funny that @Rigs forum handle is very similar to your name. lol


Hey guys,

I’m noticing a lot of alliances on the forum that use Line. I’d rather use Discord or just the in-game chat.

@VeryQuietly Your alliance seems to be very interesting unfortunately I can’t seem to join due to a requirement of 1800 (I’m currently 1747).

@Devil_Hatter I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. Your alliance seems to be invite only.



@Neccymancer dropped it to 1600 if you want to stop by and say hi.

Regarding the line vs discord, it’s optional on our part so that’s totally fine.

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I have joined the alliance associated with VeryQuietly. This thread may now be closed. :slight_smile:


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