Nearly 1 year in. Kinda stuck. Where do I go next? Lianna vs. Kingston

Hi all
I am now nearly one year into E&P, and still love it. I have developed the roster below which serves me well in raids and wars. I generally stay in Platinum

For defence I normally use Evelyn - Khiona - Aegir - Marjana - Leonidas

I have shown all my 5* heroes, and all the 4* that I have taken to 4/70
Assume I have all the other regular 4* (at 1/1) and a few others from Atlantis.

I am now getting a little stuck as to where to go next. Running two TC20’s hoping for Lianna and Joon.

Purple - 6 tabards - so could max Domitia - but am tempted to save for now. Kage would be nice!
Yellow - 7 Darts - don’t like the look of Justice, so tempted to wait for Joon or other yellow
Blue - 3 Telescopes - waiting for another 3 for Alasie
Green - 5 tonics - so could take Margaret to 4/80 when I get the last one - but tempted to wait for Lianna or Kingston.
Red - I have ZERO Mystic Rings at the moment, having just used them on Mitsy. I could take Ares to 3/70 I suppose?

Any thoughts all you clever, lovely people?
I don’t spend very much these days, but will try to get Kingston in October.
Thanks in advance


Purples: If you don’t manage to draw Kageburado in this month Id say to ascend Domitia.
You don’t really need her as you have Seshat but a better hero for war’s attack will provide you better results.

Yellow: Justice is pretty good as tank but not so much as attacking hero, if you are running many TC20 Id say to wait.

Blue: Alasie, as you wrote :laughing:

Green: Don’t ascend Margaret, you will hardly find her useful. 3.70 is enough for her.

Red: Ascend Ares to 3.70 and wait… he is still a very good hero!

As for your defense Id say to try fielding this team:

Seshat - Zimkitha - Aegir - Mitsuko - Leonidas

  • Forces green/blue stack
    • Green are weak against flanks and blue specials could be reflected by Mitsuko
  • Zimkitha
    • will help your Aegir’s heals and team’s damage by increasing attack
    • will remove harmful effects from your team
    • will add regeneration to herself and Mitsuko
  • Mitsuko
    • will help your Aegir by preventing dispeller to reach 100% mana
    • will reflect harmful blue specials
  • Seshat
    • will dispel your foes and snipe hard, gaining extra life points in the meantime
  • Leonidas
    • Helpful as Mitsuko’s sidekick
    • If he would be the last man standing against a healer it could let you win
  • Ranger - Druid - Paladin - Sorcerer - Monk

I had some thoughts, but basically @FraVit93 laid everything out really well. I’ll second feeding Ares for the time being and I think I’d feed Richard as well. Personally, I’d hold on the tabards - I’m also planning a run on Kingston, so I’m making secondary plans to on-board Victor. Two plus months…it’s not long at this point (especially considering I hoarded EHT’s from last December until the Sand Event).

Congratulations: you have a good looking roster!


Wow. Thanks so much for the beautiful reply @FraVit93. You too @IvyTheTerrible

I guess I will send some food to Ares. And maybe to Richard (but only to 3/70 as Alasie is definitely in line for the scopes when I have them). I will hold on the tabards for a while I think.

And thanks @FraVit93 for the defense team idea. I will try it. I have two red 4* troops to support Zim and Mitsy. One is a Mana troop at level 16 and one is a Crit troop at level 3. Which one for Zim and which one for Mitsy do you think?

Thanks again.

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I would give the mana troop to Zimkitha and the crit one to Mitsuko to make a damaging hero more damaging and a tanky hero tankier.

Also, if Mitsuko endures some hits she would be more likely to cast her special.


Thanks @FraVit93. That is the way I had it. I will try to get that mana troop to Level 17 and then switch attention to the level 3 Crit troop.

@FraVit93 (as usual) has great recommendations.

Bringing Richard up is a sound idea, though certainly use telescopes on Alasie first.

When you hit an ascension-mat roadblock, you can always revert to building up your 4* roster. You have a very solid group already, with 41 war-ready heroes, you’re in principle well set up for war. But given the common strategy of an alliance choosing a common color for the tank, building depth in commonly used tanks helps; also, having more healers.

I’d consider adding:

  • Rigard #2
  • Proteus #2
  • Tibertus (also good against yellow titans)
  • G.Jackal #2
  • Chao #2
  • Kiril #2
  • Grimm #2
  • Boldtusk #2

Thanks @Kerridoc. Great point about the extra healers. I normally raid with a 3/2 stack with a healer in each colour - so some more healers for wars would be a fine thing.

I could do everything on your list (except I don’t have a second Jackal)

Thanks again

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Hey @FraVit93 . I just wanted to drop by and let you know that the

Seshat - Zimkitha - Aegir - Mitsuko - Leonidas

defense team is doing REALLY well! So thanks so much for that advice. Aegir with two red flanks is ace.


Well. After over a year of waiting, Lianna finally popped out of TC20 last night! I have 5 tonics so will be able to max her quite soon. Certainly at the next Shrikewood.

I will probably try replacing Leo with Lianna in my Seshat - Zimkitha - Aegir - Mitsuko - Leonidas defence (shout out to @FraVit93 )

BUT, BUT - Kingston is coming along in October and I had been planning to save all my EHTs and Atlantis Coins until October in a concerted effort to get Kingston - a bit like you I think @IvyTheTerrible

So … do I take Lianna to 3.70 now, save the tonics, and wait and see what happens in October and if I get Kingston. Or do I just use the tonics as soon as I get that last one and take Lianna to 4.80

I have been craving Lianna for so long, and now that I have her I am a bit conflicted.

My roster is in the original post. What does everybody think?


Yep, absolutely I am holding all EHT’s after the Seshat depletion event until Halloween! I had 11 leftover and have gained 10 since. If I project the same rate I’ll have something in the mid-30’s to throw at Victor / Kingston. Far from a slam dunk, but not awful. Because my odds on Kingston are not great I went ahead and blew my tonics on Evelyn. It was the right call; I use her in over half my raids now.

Anyway, to address your situation:

  1. How long will it take to bring Lianna to 3.70? I’m trying to assess where the tonic decision is relative to Kingston’s availability. The longer it takes you to reach that point the more inclined I’d be to wait. (I assume you have enough shields to go to 3.70 and still max one or the other.)
  2. How many EHT’s do you think you’ll have? The larger your stock, the more inclined I’d be to wait. Like, if you’ll reach 3.70 in early October but have a huge stash, I’d wait.
  3. Is Evelyn + Elkanen a killing combo? Like does it consistently knock out a hero when they both charge? If yes, then I see less value in Lianna. If no, then you need her or Kingston to follow Evelyn with a killing snipe.
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It takes a year to tackle your dream girl. Once she walk into your arms, you decided to put the relationship on hold because you saw another girl…lol.
Bring Lianna to 3 70 and see if she fits your bill.
Nothing beat the hands on experience.

Btw, I’ve had her at +5 emblem and she served me well in diamond arena. Easily one of the best sniper around.

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Hi @IvyTheTerrible Thanks for the reply. Great points.

I have 11 shields, so yes I will have enough.

It should not take me long to get Lianna to 3.70. Maybe a week or two. I have saved recruits in TC11 and saved food in TC20 - so can craft feeders pretty rapidly in TC19 and TC2.

I have 13 EHTs and 763 Atlantis coins (after recently finishing Season 2).

Evelyn/Elkanen work pretty well together for me. I usually use those 2 together with Melendor when I am stacking Greens. But i think Lianna or Kingston would be MORE reliable with Eve.

It is really for my main defence team I am keen to try - where a FAST sniper on the right MIGHT be better than Leo?

I don’t think I am going to try at all for Miki or for Grazul in September - as I won’t have the 4* mats to ascend either for ages.

Oh dear - I guess I will take Lianna to 3.70 and then have a BIG THINK!


Thanks @AliceCooper. ha ha - I’m not at all like that in real life!

You are right of course. I will bring Lianna to 3.70 and see how it goes.

If I can be patient I will probably wait and see what happens in October. At least I will have the reassurance that Lianna will be waiting for me if Kingston doesn’t come along.

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I’m leaning Lianna now. Your EHT totals makes me feel like Kingston is not super super likely, and given the speed with which you can level her I’d say the utility of ~3 months of high end green sniper > rolling the dice on a better hero.

I didn’t think of this until more recently, but does your emblem plan at all need to be considered here? I see you have Seshat and Evelyn, so Ranger emblems are at a premium. If you have a big stack of Fighter emblems (beyond BT, who I assume is emblemed), that’s is an additional pro-Kingston point.


Very good point about the emblems.

Yes - Boldtusk has +18 talents. No other fighters have talents! I have no other worthy fighters! I have 45 spare fighter emblems. So Kingston would fit right in!

I have sooooo many Rangers:

Eve has 2 talents, Seshat has one and for historical reasons Buddy has +13. And I will also have Alasie to consider when I get 2 more telescopes. So Lianna being another Ranger is not helpful.

I leaning toward getting Lianna to 3.70 and the waiting to see what happens in October. At least I will have the reassurance that Lianna will be waiting for me if Kingston doesn’t come along.

What I see I would do is>>>>Purple Use Seshat as much as you can…Yellow I feel Viv will do more for you than Leo…Blue I wouldnt change. Green I would STOP on Margy…Red I am not sure about Mitzy but I think Zim would also do you better than Marjana.

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If Kingston would come by he would surely be a great asset for your teams :slight_smile:
Id wait for the next month and if he wouldn’t come you could still ascend Lianna.

In any case they could take Leonidas’ place in your defending team.

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Go ahead with Lianna. By the time Lianna reach 3 70, you will probably has some clue about her practicality. If Kingston never show up, you know it’s Lianna time.

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The only thing to remember on the IF you get Kingston is the old saying that IF a frog had wings he would NOT wear out his rear end hopping.
But hope you have GREAT LUCK on the draws


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