Nearing my 3* goals need help with 4*

Hi all,

I am nearing my nearing my goal of having 3x3* of every colour (some with the costume too).

I would like some help on deciding what 4* to level and ascend. My primary goal is the completion of the maps.

I have the materials to ascend BT and Tibertus which I think I’m going to do. The team for this, I think I should work on is as follows: BT, Tibertus, Kiril, Gullinbursti and (green idk).

The reason why I don’t know for green is because I have so many 4* greens to choose from. So for my first 4* rainbow team, for map completion as a goal, which five heroes should I focus on? I was thinking Caedmon but for maps I might have a better hero (Tettukh maybe).

I will still be levelling my 3* feeding them my 1* fodder and my 4* will get 2* fodder. This will slow me down a little but I’m fine with that. My roster is below.

Thank you.

Congrats to getting to this point! While the ones you mentioned are good heroes, I would not advise going with so many healers, you also need fire power. And Boldtusk and Kiril kind of overwrite each other.

I would definitely level Gullinbursti, since he also does some nice damage and his overheal is great. As the second healer I would rather go with Brynhild, as she is fast and has some great buffs and could speed up Gulli.

For the maps and events, I would strongly recommend Boril. I finished S1 with his help and in general he is great against event bosses. Tiburtus is a very good purple. and for Fire, while squishy, both Kelile and Scarlett can deal some good damage and their rogue talent can help them survive.

Others to keep in mind are Almur (great for titans and in combination with another Nature hitter like Caedomon or Skittleskull), Sonya and Caedmon for their dispell. Sonya has better survivability and Caedmon hits harder, but also Sabina for the dispell.

And hopefully you will get Rigard, he is one of the best healers in 4*.


Didn’t think about Boril tbh. Yea the firepower thing was a concern. Thought I might be able to squeeze through with tile damage and lots of heals. BT is on his way but doesn’t have the defence buff of Kiril… more to think about. Thank you.

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Caedmon, Sonya, BT, Gullin and Tibertus

Or you can swap sonya for kiril and BT for scarlet if you want more AoE and the attack down from scarlet is useful


I use Almur and cCaedmon with Melendor, Mist and cGrimm for map stages and they do well enough. For the harder bosses I sub Mel for Gullinbursti because of his overheal.

As to Brynhild, I’d love to have her because she is robust and her defense’s are great for a 4*.

Almur and Caedmon together are a nasty combination so long as you have another dispeller, which is why Melendor is often on the team.

For your defence, you still need firepower and there’s no better 4* green than Caedmon. I say this because he is fast. As for Tettukh, he he would be a great addition to my team because of his silencing of the target, not because of his hit.


So when you are doing map stages, do you rarely go full rainbow?

If your goal is to bring a rainbow team (i also use rainbow) for maps, i would level caedmon or tettukh. Caedmon will be your fast sniper/dispeller but for a more advanced strategic gameplay, i would use tettukh esp for the bosses. Mana control is a powerful weapon for maps.

I think you should also replace kiril for sonya. Bringing 2 good healers (gullin and bt) is already enough in my opinion. So if you will replace kiril with sonya, maybe prioritize tettukh over caedmon as both sonya and caedmon do the same thing.

So i think you should run:


To add, for your greens, brynhild is a reaaly good hero also. She does lots of things but maybe not yet a good fit for your team.

Brilliant. Thank you for your advice.

You need healers and hitters: I would go with:

BT, Gulli, Sonya, Tettukh and Tibs.

BT and Kiril are very similiar, their boni dont stack, so use only one. Therefore Sonya is a good hitter with debuffing. With Sonya you dont need Caedmon for maps so Tettukh with quiescing is very good.
Tibs with def down is always helpful.
For wars I would ascend Almur,Brynhild and Caedmon too, if you get a Melendor too, you would have a well rounded green 4* mono team.

Good luck