Navigation Confusion of finding & using Forums tabs

Please Note: “I ask that any & all replying people refrain from being sarcastic and/or demeaning.”
I’ve been an E&P Forum member for over a year. I am not familiar with gaming Forums.
I understand how to create a “New Subject”, like, and reply.
Today I was hoping to see if a particular E&P Alliance was also a Forum member.
I searched for “finding Alliances”, was instructed to “tap the Alliance tab…”, but all I could find is “Alliance recruiting”.
I’m not too simple minded in understanding instructions, it’s just that the options never match up with what they say to do!
I don’t have all day to explore any more than I already have.
Any polite help?

I’m not an expert but … if I put the name of our alliance, and the name of a couple of other alliances that I know post on the recruitment page, their name shows up.

Perhaps the alliance you’re searching for hasn’t posted on the forum and, I’m assuming if they have, it would have shown up in the alliance recruitment thread.

That’s the only way I know of alliances (as opposed to individual players), posting something on the forum.

Again, I’m certainly no expert, just guessing.


Thank you very much. I figured that must be the case. :wink:

Our Alliance was, what I’ll call, “Hit and Dashed”, by a particular Alliance’s member. He joined ours, leaving a Recruiting message, then left from being a Member.
So! I’m able to ‘view’ the Alliance and it’s Member’s general info.
But! Myself and our Alliance members don’t appreciate that visit at all. We get hopeful when someone joins. We currently have a mere 7 Members.
Our Leader suddenly left about a couple months ago. He was fed up with the forever frustrating aspects of the game, War matchmaking included.
So, even though I was the Co-leader, I had been basically running the Alliance. Which the Members were unaware of.
So, many members were broadsided, as I was. 15 minutes after he left, I got online seeing I was promoted to Leader! I text him.
Members dropped off. It was a train wreck!!
So we’re very sensitive when it comes to people joining and leaving all within 10 minutes.
My point? I was hoping to politely message the Alliance Leader regarding their recruiting tactics.

The forum has fairly small coverage versus the total population of players in the game, so unfortunately it’s unlikely you’ll find the people responsible (or their leaders) here.

If you searched on the alliance name and the names of their leaders and came up empty, then I agree with princess1, it’s likely they’re just not on here.

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