🤖 Nautica – 5* Ice / Blue from Construct family

This i agree with 150%. First world problems, but beating the same combinations is as tiring as losing to the same teams.

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Honestly I have more trouble with Chang’e than Nautica. Mostly because the former neuters all secondary effects, which my heroes rely on a lot. Nautica can be annoying but thing is she needs good flanks to work well, she can’t do miracles alone unlike Chang’e. With bad flanks Naut is just a tile dump. But if one of flanks is, say, Hathor with C-Bonus (so another mana charge and debuff blocker on top) and other is Shaal, Starwalker, Darkfeather or any heavy damage dealer, then good luck.

True. Aramis is actually not that much problem as of now even though he still has some worth due to his undispellable debuff blocker - but when you have Darkfeather who offers healing, permanent stat increase and follow-up on special skill with passive that may inflict party-wide blind, then it’s apparent who the player will choose. I also notice that Shaal is not as problematic as she was for me, mainly due to introduction of Legendary Troops that vastly inflate HP, making her attacks much easier to survive.


I still raid without Legendary troops or ninja ones - I really rely on hero power alone. In this game you lose some and win some. Just trying to stay in the top 30k. I have Nautica as tank and then Medea and hypnos on flank and then on wings two blues alantia and Fortuna who chip away at the defence. But if I have a bad blue day I am stuffed but if good I can knock out most teams. Taunters dont hurt me with two dispellers on my side. Problems arise if Nautica gets knocked out - after two weeks I only have him at level 80.

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Just beat a team that had Omen in it, a very strong team Sha nine headed guy and the best red healer I forget her name sorry to brag if you are looking at this thread but I only did it because of my three blues lol - beat top reds.

That was Hathor and tang Zhang as I say very strong team the insane almost took myself out via Medea.

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New balance changes bring major “nerf” for Nautica. All you need is an owl :upside_down_face:

Owl you need is an owl? Owlright.


Not the best team with Garten and Nautica, But you get the idea of the nerf on Garten and the Owl counter to Nautica.

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This is how over designing a hero destroyed it


Way back when Luna hero was first introduced I have said already, a Passive that nullify another hero special is lazy and stupid game Dev design.

But no one listened, whales all want their shiny new OP hero, and there is only so much you can push in power creep. So they add the counter into Passive, where you don’t even need to fire off a special and you already counter another hero just by existing, how lazy and stupid is that for a game Dev design. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


i agree, it started with the lunar family passive… it is way to oppressive to have a heroes shutting down other heroes just by existing in the battle…

the bards had similar influence with their passives but they were reasonably balanced

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I’m trying to understand who is actually complaining about nautica begin hard to beat. Is it the f2p with their limited rosters or just everyone in general
Because this guy absolutely cannot tank hits to save his life and the only reason why he survives is because of bad boards

Back then whales were trying to convince themselves that Luna hero were counter to minion. What a stupid idea. Imagine you play any game, you can buy a piece of armor and walk up to a boss and the just boss stop attacking because you bought the armor, what a great game design isn’t it? (no that will be a stupid game, like this one) lol :rofl:

Whales wanted power creep and this is what we get to. Goblins all get a stupid blind all passive. And to counter that passive we have Astra specials that “never miss”. Before, “never miss” was only in a few special and those hero were unique, now all Astra crap has it, “never miss” no longer make a hero unique.


Well all those top players must have a Nautica with some other special ability that the common players dont see. Nautica has been a top tank even in regular formation for the last 3 months running for some reason. If you dont get the 6 to 8 green tiles before she goes off then it is usually game over with the hard hitting flanks. I have regularly fought this tank to a decent success but that is due to my long grind fights with 2 very good over healers to support the cause.
Now with the master emblems she only gets better with more survivability.

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Funny, because I beat Nautica tanks with a 2/3 holy/dark team all the time.

Those who have Nautica can beat Nautica. It is trouble for those who don’t have very strong LB2 heroes.

But lets really see why this change was made. The Owls weren’t selling well. Fulvia’s a mess and most of the other OWLs are meh with limited scaling.

You think Nautica’s too tough? We’ll kill two birds by adding a passive to our shiny heroes nobody wants, increasing the pull rate to neutralize a tank the lower level teams can’t beat.

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I feel like nautica is only as strong as his flanks. We actually lost to the many nautica tanks in this war. But for me, it’s really just the board that screwed me over. I don’t even use mono green to kill this guy most the time


And that is the truth. The fact is they have been pumping OP hitters without stop, but no, Nautica is the problem not the OP hitters :rofl::rofl:

But now that all the top alliance chased and got Nautica, is time to nerf it with the Owl while boosting Owl sales. Sure enough the whales will bite it :rofl::rofl:

These are a sample size of defense in leagues i faced this week so far. I face an avg of 20 Nautica every week in league and the raid is saturated with Nautica that i reroll a LOT.
The theme around the robot is either over healers + mana cutters or strong damage dealers.
So in principle if you do not have strong fast LB2 cards that can survive the initial damage and heal back the fight is over within a few moves. If you have strong owls like Timius or the red counterattack snipper or the new mindless, the chances of controlling Nautica is lost.

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I call bull hockey. 20 char ftw.

Nautica is finally downsized…