Nature Rare Quest has no nature ascension rewards


Uh… so we got a new Nature Rare Quest… but… you didn’t put any Nature Ascension items in it… that was supposed to be the point. Tonics and shields are the things we need. Oversight?



Nothing new. Quest very bad…


Quests need to be revamped with better rewards. Right now the world energy needed to run it is just not worth it.


I was so happy to see it, and then just so disappointed. So that’s the quest to solve our ascension issues? Totally working, huh?


Quite literally levels 1 through 4 are worthless. I’ll say it again to make it clear:

80% of the quest, this RARE quest is worthless.

There are NO Nature ascension items in this “Rare Nature Quest”

You said you were listening to player feedback regarding ascension items, but this is not what we asked for, and not what you said you were going to do. You cannot slap a green icon on four levels of province trash loot and call it a rare nature quest.

I strongly recommend you get rid of levels one through four, and replace them with levels offering Sturdy Shields and Mysterious Tonics.


Ok so I’m not crazy. Good. Lol. I looked at that quest and realized i could get all of the rewards for the first four challenges just from doing 2-3 farm runs, saving myself a ton of world energy in the process.


It would be nice if we could at least to the quests in whatever order we chose. Then those of us who may only want to do the last level for the gloves and book could and skip the rest that give no rewards worth the energy.


They need to rethink the whole ascension item system. I have five heroes on hold, one for five months now. I get they wanted to use all their cool little art they had done, but it was not helpful to the game.

If they want to have rare quests for each color, then have all the items be ascension items needed by that color.


This was the whole reason they added new rare quests. This is what they said they were going to do and they didn’t. If we wanted a bunch of grass only enemies, we’d farm early levels.


Where are the orbs to level up li liu you cannot even buy them i been waiting over 2 months to ascends her please where are the orbs


The orbs are in ascension packs that give you like a 5% chance of getting it. This game reminds me of a casino.LOL


I have one Hero that has been waiting at a shot at a few items (two copies of the same item) for five months now. :slightly_frowning_face:


Agreed. Rare quest was a big disappointment. Especially after how much better the uncommon quests are.


They were supposed to fix the rare quests, now first one to come was totally useless. NO ONE needs those tomes any more. You need 1 per 5* hero last level, while all other materials you need 6 of. And what do they put in this new amazing rare quest. A tome!

Or the 4th stage, rope and a sharpening stone. Who on earth who can beat a hard quest, needs a sharpening stone or rope? Only use for that stupid rope is to hang yourself out of frustration.

I have now over 700 ropes and sharpening stones, so really great to see that as reward! for 16 energy!


I agree, these new quests have been a total let down. I’m leveling alternate heroes I just happen to have for fun, but I’m not going to spend any more money on this game.


I love the new quests, just not the rewards.
Try to look at it as a step in the right direction.
(Thats what I do to keep sane haha!)

The quests exist, that means Devs listen and work on improvements. Now they just have to tweak the loot :slight_smile:


To listen to what we asked for, and give a Nature themed quest and not nature themed rewards is the pinnacle of NOT listening to what we’re asking for.


Haha! Baby steps and deep breaths @Penari

Not arguing with you, just giving my point of view and hopes of the future :slight_smile:


Haha. I get where you’re coming from. But the irony is palpable. They’re hearing feedback, but not listening.


Old bump, but hey, on the wake of a Rare Dark Quest out today, @Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu

You all made a big deal out of rebalancing the ascension items needed across the different colors. You were proud to release the new rare quests.

Le GASP the Rare Dark quest actually has a 4* color specific item (Royal Tabbard)

Why have you:

  1. Refused to even respond in this topic?
  2. Allowed a Nature Quest to be created without Mysterious Tonics in it?
  3. Spent any time developing new content when your advertised new content is broken?

We don’t want new broken features. Fix what you have out.

Edit: I really don’t see why this wasn’t a 30 second fix. Open the code, find the spot where you put in a piece of a loot that doesn’t belong (which… almost all of em, pretty easy to pick) AND ADD IN A NATURE ITEM.

Like it’s taking you longer to read these posts than it would have to fix it LAST MONTH when we brought it to your attention. We’ve had multiple rare quests with no elemental specific items since then, it’s really frustrating for you to advertise something you’re excited to release, it doesn’t do what you say it does, and then you never talk about it.

“You closely monitor the economy of ascension items” but you don’t spot check your own quests before releasing them… uh huh…