Nature overload! Who to level next?

I’ve been playing for about 2 months and as C2P just did my first 10 pull from Atlantis and caught a green avalanche. My other 4 stars are Gormek at 4.70, Tibs at 3.60, Rigard

at 3.56, and Kiril at 1.27 (top priority currently). My best holy heroes are Bane1 and Bane2. I’m currently finishing out Melandor at 4.53 but looking for advice on who to level next, my thought was to jump back to Little John (I paused him when I pulled Melandor).
I’m looking for overall utility since I like all aspects, but not concerned about climbing cups at the moment.

LJ can help. His mana cut can be of some use in every aspect of the game. Gadeirus could be a good candidate also, although with Rigard and Kiril, your healing should be ok
You could check for class quest. For barbarian, you have Gormek fully level. For druid, you have Melendor.
So they will both have a spot in their respective class trial.
You Could give some love for the 3*. Brienne and Mnesseus are useful.
If you lack a yellow 4*, you could consider elemental summoning for 300 gems or continue without one until you get lucky with a token
Gobbler should definitely stay at 1/1. And Skittle is less interesting than Gad or LJ imo. Her -attack % is interesting and can save your a$$ against tougher opponents, but she doesn’t really hit hard enough to have any real interest
As for Kadilen, 5* are resources heavy to lvl and you have plenty of project for now to consider lvling her
Anyhow, have fun ! :partying_face:

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been giving Brienne all my 1* green feeders while Melandor gets the rest.

Great idea! She is very useful in rare tier events and 3* raid tournament. She can even be taken against lower tier titan for the huge attack boost.
Before landing Melendor or Caedmon, i gave mine all my druids and got it to +14 so she could survive a little longer against titan.
In raid tournament, pair her with Kailani or Gunnar’s spirit link and check the attack stat skyrocket!! A

Brienne came from the same Atlantis pull and Kailani came out of TC13 around the same time (my first spirit link), looking forward to see what they can do.

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