Nature Limit Break Loot Question

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Not sure if this shoud go under Bug though.

I didn’t pay attention when I started the quest; normally when completed with the help of one extra aether III I can break one 5* hero and a 4* hero as well. So, today I broke Frigg and realized that I don’t have the mats to break a 4* hero, I am one aether II short; how is that possible? Did any of you had the same issue? Here’s what I have left with after breaking Frigg; attaching also examples of what the cost is to break a 4* and 5* hero. I’ m puzzled how did I endup having just four aethers II?

Happened with me on the yellow aether. I got an extra that allowed me to limit break Sir Roostly, then I tried to break Gullinbursti, and I was one short.

Assumed that’s how it worked.

The Quest always gave you 24 Aether 2.
You need 20 for a five star and 5 for a four star hero.
So if you don’t get an Aether 2 from other sources, then you are 1 Aether 2 short for limit breaking both heroes.


Didn’t knew….guess I had accumulated some previously from tournaments and war, thought they came with the quest :)) Thank you @PlayForFun

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