Nature Hero, Mother North or Francine on Offense?

I have Francine, and pulled Mother North. I was originally going to replace Buddy with Francine, now I’m not sure, especially with fast mana wars and tourneys. Francine / C Rigard is a bit redundant. I have no emblems for either.

Main Green stack:

Evelyn +15, Lianna +16, Telly+19, Buddy+19, C Rigard+19

Secondary Green Stack:

Alumur + 7, C Cademon, Tarlak, Hansel +7, C Rigard+19

Would you level Francine or Mother North, and where would you put her? Main or Secondary?


Anyone have any advice?

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Francine is one of the strongest heroes in the game. You can’t even compare her to any 4* hero

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But definitely do Mother North next. Her heal and revive and minions are fantastic.

I was ready to go with Mother North myself, but she got bumped when I pulled Francine. I have Mother North maxed out now too. But I don’t regret maxing Francine first


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