Nature chest reward – why did I get a Tabard?

Okay, just completed a nature chest which I was delighted about doing because I’m desperate for a sixth mysterious tonic. Got a Royal Tabbard, hows that work? Very nice but really! Any thoughts or am I missing something. (I know POV, has tonic at 48 but I’m impatient)

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You can get any 4* AM from elemental chest, but you usually don’t get one more often than not.

Congratulations, I haven’t pulled a Tabbard from any loot since 2019 so you should be patient lol.


The elemental alignment of the chest, unfortunately do not determine its contents. Be glad you even got a 4* ascension material. Most of mine recently often consisted of 3* materials and there were a few times when the 3* were like Tall Boots, Scabbards, and Chainmail Armor. Guess the game would not discern between mats that were farmable or not.

Now if they would only remove the silver tokens from the three tokens roll…


Thanks guys for clarifying. Don’t think I must have paid attention previously. Yes I’m happy with the Tabbard, they’re like hen’s teeth for rarity Just aching to ascend Heimdall, even at 3/70 he’s awesome and I’ve got two weeks worth of nature heroes queued up to leave the training camps.


Shrikewood should also be up pretty soon (within the next week), you can get a Tonic from there.


By just reading the title, I’d say not to complain because I’ve seen some really bad elemental chests. Getting a 4* mat of any kind is better than none at all, right?


Brilliant, thanks for that.

I’m glad to finally meet someone on the forum less patient than I am!

You know that you can always look at the calendar (search for “#calendar”) to see when there is a rare quest that yields the item you want. If you’re like me, that, too, will require too much waiting, but at least it is predictable.

Others have covered the chest situation, I’ll just add to the alternatives: rolling the dice with Alchemy Lab 9 and, if you have the extras to burn, 10.

Hi @Sonicpingu , if you want to know better how the elemental chests work go to The elemental project

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