Nature chest not filling correctly

I’m trying to fill a nature chest and I’m not getting credit for all the monsters collected. I’m using season 1 province 6-3 or 6-6. There are 11 monsters total. I was collecting them at the beginning but the last 4 times I was only getting 1 2 or 3 credits at the end of the round. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Kris B.

With a nature chest you only get the credit for the green monsters - you should be farming 7-5 for the best return

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Ok. 6-3 and 6-6 are all green, with 11 monsters total each time that are all green. But next time I will try 7-5. I was able to fill the chest but like i mentioned, i was only getting credit for 1 green or 2 green, when all stages are green. At 6-6, there are 4 stages, the first 3 have 3 green, 4th and final stage has 2 green, making a total of 11. Thanks Kris B

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