Nature ascension help

Hey guys, I’m at my next nature ascension and could use some help as I’m not terribly thrilled about anyone I have. My options are….

Lughaidh, Elradir, horghall, kadilen( no costume obviously) Elkanen, balbar, or Jade.

I don’t really have the ability to emblem anyone but lughaidh.

I have cobalt and quartz that makes this decision a little more difficult but I’m leaning towards lughaidh as he seems pretty good in a fast mana war and some different defense formations for survivability. I’ve read balbar can be good for titans but I’m not convinced he is worth it. Thanks for the help!

I would max Lughaidh, he adds great survivability to your team.

Idk how Balbar can be good against titans, every tile will wake titan immediately.

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Of those choices I would also go with Lughaidh, either that or wait for better options (if you pull 5* regularly).

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Hmmmm …from those probably Lughaidh.
However Elradir just got (today) the HOTM family bonus so that may be ok too depending on which other 2021 HOTMs you have.
And - Kadilen in prep for her costume from either HA10 or the Chamber: depending on how frequently you pull
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Yeah, I think in the context I read, you would save balbars special till you have a green match (against ice titans) fire it then hit the weak spot with a green tile. Situational, and timing is key I suppose. Like I said, not worth it for me.