Natural progession of the game

I will try to explain what would be for me a “logical” progression of the game, especially trying because English is not my language. Season2: Not only would it include a new map and already, it would use a shuttle to add new content to the game for quite some time. Start the Season2 with the difficulty with which the previous one ends and with an ascending progression. What would this entail? the appearance of heroes of 6 *, 5-10 new levels of fortification, with their new training camps, perhaps legendary training by colors and the last one with the possibility of heroes of 6 * … the ascension elements of 3 * would happen to be cultivable in the Season2 so that the path is slightly smoothed for those who come behind and quite new content is added for those who are already very high. I do not know if it has been understood well and it is something in principle very basic but I think it is the most logical and natural way

I agree on the new content part and I also suggest nightmare mode, where you artificially increase the difficulty of encounters to increase the challange level and the loot.

ex. Pay X world energy by the energy pannel to enter the Nightmare Mode.

Nightmare Mode last 1 minute for each world energy spent and where in that mode you’ll have access to the same campaign, facing the same foes but

  • when on Nightmare Mode you don’t spent world energy to play world map encounters
  • you’ll have a 5 second time limit between your moves (or the enemies round timer decrease by 1)
  • you’ll be able to use only 1 item per round
  • depending on the stage you could face different effects (like Xmas freezing tiles)
    • Freezing tiles on map from 8-Isgilham to 9-Ruins of Skyfheim
    • and similiar things for every other arena

This could shake the 4* and 5* balance, power creeping heroes and having obscene ascending materials requirements

To me increasing building waiting time =/= progression, the best could be to give new effects to building when they reach maximum level. And having a all-20 village is already not a small task.

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I love @Kalel’s ideas. I also love @FraVit93’s ideas.

On the subject of 6* heroes, I think @Fravit93 is right that it would disturb the balance of existing 4* and 5* heroes, but I think that would be okay. Some players would be upset, I am sure.

I’m also for new building levels. Yes, it’s hard to get your town entirely to level 20. So it would be nice to have somewhere to go after that.

Now with the vip pass, which is relatively cheap, the constructions have become too fast. Regarding the heroes of 6 *, that gap I think should exist, the materials of ascension should obviously facilitate something, make the 3 * cultivable in the season2 and more common those of 4 * leaving the new 5 * to ascend to those of 6 * with the current rarity of the 4 *, something like this …

If we’re talking about season 2 specifically, I would like to see them dump the current outpost format. Outposts in season 2 should include a main hall and 3 plots where up to one mine, up to one house, or up to 3 farms could be built. Main hall level would determine max level of additional buildings, and more options for buildings to be converted at the original stronghold could then be introduced.

Best part of the new outposts, you could have npc attacks against them pushing players to retake them or possibly even fortify the outposts with troops (since there’s already a large demand to level a lot of heroes).

Level 20 is high enough for the stronghold of you ask me, and 5* heroes as max is fine by me too. Eventually 6* can be introduced but as early as season 2? The expectation for new higher tier heroes with every new season would be a bad precedent to begin…

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