Natural enemy system?

"This hero is too powerful, “that hero is too weak”… Those issues are always being discuss (or complain) all the time. Is that possible to adding natural enemy system to restraint each hero ? For example :

Hero A hit all opponents but deals additional damage to some specific heros.

Hero B cut all opponents mana but further cut mana of specific heros.

Hero C is 4*, but able to heavily damage to specific 5* heros.

Of course that will make the game more complex, but may become more fun from stratgy point of view. It funny (or shocking) to see Dawa can efficently down some 4* or even 5* hero because she is natural enemy of them… :crazy_face:

In which way an introduction of natural enemy system should address the disbalance of heroes?
In my understanding, any static system can’t handle overpowering of some heroes and underpowered of others.
Balancing is required post factum, after a hero was released and proved themselves over or underpowered.

I once proposed a system of artifacts that heroes can use to gain extra power. That system could boost underpowered heroes to mitigate power creep and counter overpowered heroes.

There is no specific natural enemy or so implemented in the game. The closest we got the most is, red is strong against green but weak against blue, green is strong against blue but weak against red, blue is strong against red but weak against green, yellow is strong against purple but weak against yellow, and purple is strong against yellow but weak against purple.

I guess that the whole point of this proposal is to introduce such a system. The only problem is how to maintain this system. Say, I have weak Khagan that was released long before overpowered Guinevere. How the system of natural heroes could help here?

Yes that is one of the basic restraining system, but natural enemy may not affected by color, or even hero grade (star) ?

Yup. The problem lies of how the natural enemy is determined. And is it really “natural enemy”? I was thinking more of the predator-prey relationship where the prey will almost always lose to the predator when facing each other.

This sounds too deterministic to me.

Here is a thread with my power balancing proposal

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