Natural Combat – How come without an accuracy debuff, all attacks have 100% hit probability?

How come without an accuracy debuff, all attacks have 100% hit probability? Seems to me game would be more realistic if some attacks were glancing blows and not always kill shots.

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That would just result in even more people crying about RNG and claims that own heroes miss more often than opponents :see_no_evil:


Why on earth would you want that?! Isn’t it enough that damage done by any attack is subject to a random multiplier that may result in huge differences between the amount of damage done by the same attacker to the same target under the same circumstances? All we need now is attacks to start missing their targets out of the blue…

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True. When I get in a fight in real life, some of my puzzles miss…and they didn’t even debuff my accuracy by squeezing lemon juice in my eyes


Mhh, we already do have crits and normal hits. Furthermore, there are abilities evade or taunt others, plus a talent for evasion. I personally think that’s enough and we don’t need minor hits or anything like that on the top.
Don’t wanna even speak about realistic/natural combatsystem in a fantasy puzzle mobile game…sorry


Of course it would. But it’s not realism, it’s a fantasy game using pre-established rules of simulated combat.

I respectfully disagree with you on this one.

I’ve seen the combat side get more and more complicated since the game started, and I’d be pleased if nothing else is added to decrease my heroes’ ability to kick butt in battle.


I trained my heros on actual targets didn’t you notice how many recruits going in training camp and just one came out? They are not going to miss or else… :smiling_imp:

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There’s enough obstacles to overcome in this game, additional missed hits definitely aren’t needed or wanted.

I suppose not. Was looking at the fact that even with skills, right now it’s kind of who can build those supers the fastest. If you have bad boards and defense keeps pelting you with supers, there not a single player who wouldnt sigh a breath of relief because of the “glancing” blow. As a defender, same scenario to a degree. Attacker stacks color and removes your tank then builds up supers. Not that you would get see the “glancing” blow in action, but you could imagine the attackers having a hard time hitting.

Think my question basically stemmed from the numerous defeats and some wins were skills seem to be one sided.

The random factor in this game is the puzzles… I am a big fan of random factors in attacks but it’s already present in spades here.

Lianna fires arrows the same every time, right? But some battles she only shoots once, sometimes 3+ times… so her damage output ranges from like, 1000-5000. That’s a huge random factor already.

A hero that gave everyone a random 0.5-1.5 modifier to special damage could be fun. But that’d ofc just be a different thing :slight_smile:



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Level up 3 Wus & 2 Ranvirs :wink:

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