Native/Innate Resistances - Heroes of the Month (HOTM)

The new Heroes of the Month (as of Onatel, January 2019) have been released with resistances to certain status effects and negative effects. While some of those resistances are fairly self-explanatory, some of them are not.

This topic is a reference to what those resistances refer to.

Hero Resists
Anzogh ManaGenDown
Frida AtkDown AtkDown_Continious AtkDown_HealReset
Grazul Curse_SargassoRecoverDown RecoverSteal
Kingston Burn
Kunchen DefDown DefDown_continious DefDown_HealReset
Margaret – buffs on her can’t be dispelled nor stolen (by The Hatter for e.g.). Note that they can still be overwritten by opposite effects
Miki MindlessAttack Silence SpellSlayer
Neith ManaBlock
Onatel Blindness
Ranvir Poison
Seshat – direct mana reductions only (meaning Onatel still works)

Nice lists and very informative @DaveCozy :+1:, I recommend also put elemental link bonus on them, thats make a plus information on each HOTM so far.


Thank you @DaveCozy, yet another helpful post for my alliance LINE notes.

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