Nationality of Opponents/Alliance Wars

Good morning.
It is disappointing that in almost every war the opponents of my alliance are of a certain nationality.
Well. Almost.
80-90% are from countries of the former Eastern block and the rest 10-20% are from Asia or even Spain and America but very…or may I say extremelly rarely. I guess it has to do with where the server is (of course), but not once at almost 2 years that we (our alliance) have been playing the game have an opponent of the same nationality
like ours. We have never played the game as opponents with fellow Greek Alliances or even Italians … which normally should have happened often. What needs to be done to change this situation?

In my 2+ years of playing I’m not sure I’ve faced a Greek alliance either.
A lot of people in Russia play so we get matched with a lot of Russian alliances.


Nothing needs to be done. It’s RNG. We had Poland, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Germany, USA, GB, France, some from Asia … Nothing conspicuously accumulated. The more people live in a country, the more of them play and the more often you come across alliances from this country.


A more important question is - why in the world does it matter?


If I had to guess, because there is a perception that Russian players are cheating. Note that I say perception.

We are currently against an alliance that uses the Saudi flag, so I am going to assume they are based in Saudi Arabia. Our last war was against Greek alliance. I suspect because we have few participating members, we don’t see the large alliances that may be predominantly one nationality or another.

The flag just reflects the language that alliance members chat in. My alliance shows the US flag, but only 6 of us are from the USA. We have members from the UK, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, and Singapore.
I would guess that many English, Spanish, and Arabic alliances are really international.


We face up to Russians and Ukrainians all the time and I have to say that they are, almost exclusively wonderful people and give us a great fight. I’m not a fan of war mercs but then I think we have faced only one opponent who used that strategy?


Personally, I’ve never seen much issues regardless of assumed alliance nationality, I just know there are a number of posts that imply that there is cheating going certain ones.

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The Alliance I am a member of is mostly US based but we have a European and an Australian as well. Once SG put an end to war shuffling, it’s been great.

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11 days later… Mostly eastern Europeans, but tomorrow we are up against some Italians. A couple of wars previously we faced some French. (I would have thought they would be equipped with a “total surrender” button, but NO). They blitzed us and still had 6 flags to play.

Go France. :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally think perhaps the op may wat a war chat or banner rally cry and it’s difficult to do in another language cuz Google translate can’t always be trusted :laughing: been there and ooof nothing like telling your opponent " Thanks for a great kissing battle better luck next ocean" :scream::smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: