Natalya's stats are wrong

The Natalya shown as an example from the summon screen shows that she does 700 damage but my Natalya does only 476 damage with her special maxed. It’d be really nice to get the full 700 damage for her.

It goes up by hero level too, ascend her and keep going.


Hi don’t have a Natalya but here is my example of Joon. He’s not fully ascended but his power is and it’s the same as fully ascended.

different heroes have different abilities and yes dots scale by hero level because they are not a percentage of attack like Joon whose percentage is soley a function of skill level


As Revelate said, Natalya’s stats go up as you level her up. She has to be maxed completely to have her full power.

I have the same issue and sent a ticket to support before I found that information in the forum.

NOTE TO SG TEAM (if they read this):

I most certainly hope that this is not the way the game is going.

Final ascension materials are very hard to come by, for 5* heroes.

If you can get the 5* hero to special ability 8 and level it to 3/70, you USED TO have a nice, usable hero. To utilize in the game. After all, you took the trouble to max that hero’s special ability and to feed them all the way to 3/70. So you would be rewarded for your effort. And rightly so.

Now, with Natalya, the rewards for the effort are diminished. And for no reason, to my mind.

Thus, while waiting for the final ascension materials, the player is stuck with a hero that has been “shackled”. And for no reason whatsoever.

I do have the final ascension materials for my own Natalya. Thankfully. But if I did not, then I would be very annoyed indeed. Because I did not get what I paid for. Nowhere does it say that this hero will be “shackled” until fully ascended.

Now, people spend money for those HOTM heroes. But why bother if you can use this hero to its full potential some time in the … very uncertain … future?

Food for thought.

I do apologize if I sound cranky. This is usually not my style.

But I AM cranky at this time.

The leadership team of our alliance has had quite a stressful week. Two of our members - both level 30+ good players and very nice people - have left the game (and our alliance) within the last week. One during the event, and one just yesterday.

So we are stuck with the task of recruiting replacements … of that strength … because we do want to continue killing our titans with a nice and dedicated team.

So who wants to see things that can cause more players to say “why bother?” and to throw everything down?

recruiting chat in Germany has very many alliances seeking members and very few players seeking an alliance.
And yes, we have already used all our contacts…


Thanks for the info Rev. I appreciate it. Ditto to you Anj. We just lost three very good alliance members too, so we’re in the same boat. Shackled heroes aren’t helping.

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Easy math : special/attack

nat at 50 8/8: 476/489 = 0.9734

nat at 80 8/8: 700/718 = 0.9749

If you look at the example above, you can see DoT is also a function of the hero attack in a nutshell. Why devs give us a solid number on the card just to confuse player,is a thing I would like to know too. And as posted by revelate in other thread, troops attack also impact Nat DoT.



Sorry, I cannot make heads or tails of this.

If it says 700, then I expect 700. Period.

And I believe that the majority of “normal” players think the same way.

If I have to do math in order to play this game, I might as well quit completely.

Sorry for my tone of voice, and no offense intended. Like I said above, I am extremely cranky at the moment. And being extremely annoyed on the inside and keeping a smiling face to our members on the outside does not exaxtly help. - This is nothing that anyone can explain to a “normal” player to change their impression of getting ripped off.


No, its okay. I’m not good at explaining too. I just want to put an example just to give an idea. of course it is debatable.:grin:

Edit: I’m also at learning stage myself, I try to restrain myself to give a definitive theories if I’m not sure of it, as it will lead to misinformation. Hence, lots of questions ask. Sorry if I’m being annoying @Revelate.


I never noticed that, thank you koko!

@AnjaValkyrie it’s for game balance. I agree that there probably should be a different wording, but realistically it is the right call for SG.

I once maxed SL’d a 5* before second tier even; let’s say I had done that with Natalya - if I have a bunch of first ascension 4/5*'s, that’s not a lot of strength… if I had full DOT damage with Natalya I’d be crushing people of equivalent strength when talking raid (or AW) balance.

Natalya at 70 (3rd tier of 5* to be specific) is the same equivalent power of every other hero at 70 (yeah yeah 4* > 5* at that) and in for both raids If we take sandbagging out of the equation and future AW, that would be absolutely the right balancing: skill damage as a function of attack just like every other hero.

Moral of the story it’s fine from a game perspective: she shouldn’t have the skill damage of an 80 level hero at first ascension 50, and in general you shouldn’t be facing level 80 heroes with her at that level anyway.

It works in game, it’s just an awkward display… don’t sweat the fact it might be a while to take her to 80, she’s absolutely amazing in raids on attack and very very good on titans, the scaling doesn’t change the math at all when it comes to how good she is as a hero.


no … and again no :slight_smile:
not even close to Hell and you can use Ares as best red card for all situations

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We should join power to form Nat anti fanclub…haha.

Even gormek/falcon/boldstusk is even better especially on titans.

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:)) I hope SG team reading this forum and will do something with Natalya in future, for now i only like her look and name the same situation with Captain Sargasso just one more card in my collection which i’ll never use.

Didn’t say she was best in game I said she was amazing on raid attack, and I absolutely sidelined Ares on many of my teams on raid attack for Nat: we can debate my insight as a raid attacker but I do pretty well.

In general, please quote the entire thing rather than just cherry picking salient things as you took it somewhat out of context.

Also for the record, I have Sargasso, and I’m going to be levelling him to 70 for alliance wars. Pro-tip, you may want to as well, just sayin.


thank you for pro-tip =D


Thank you for the explation.
I do not understand it completely … but if Natalya is a good hero, then I will most definely take her to 4/80 in the near future.

She is 4/1 now and already having fun in my team against the green titan :slight_smile:

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So !

Natalya could have been a great deal, but:

  • only hero with ability depending on ascension
  • only attacking hero not matching with Wu Kong

Wow ! Impressive
Don’t worth a peanut in the end…

  1. No all heros with attacking specials raise with ascenscion, whether it is a percentage of their attack or the dot. Other dot heros do what natalyas special does as well

Not sure you understand her "feature"
A tier 2 June with ability at 8 shot 468% damage
The same with Natalya and she will shot a poor ~500 (estimation, no calculation)

Joon and Natalya are two completely different heros. With two completely different purposes. So you cant compare them.

Joon = Sniper
Natalya = Mana blocker.

Natalyas DoT damage isnt insignificant at all. But the mana slowing effect is where the power is.


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